Technology & Auto Transport

Today, technology is king. We have been kick-started into a different world. A world that stays connected through technology. With these new advancements in recent tech, we’ve seen many industries blossom into giants. The auto transport industry is just one example of many. The room for growth is limitless, but it comes at some risks for both auto shipping companies and their customers. With the use of technology, auto shipping companies can offer better services for their customers. Here are some ways technology helps keep the auto transport industry running.

How a GPS Works

GPS, otherwise known as “Global Positioning System”, is a space-based navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions anywhere.  Although GPS is widely used in the auto shipping industry, it was originally used by the US military. 

The Power of the GPS

  • Theft Reduction

    • We understand how important a car can be in someone’s daily life. GPS allows tracking of shipments and enables transmission alerts to be sent out in an event of an incident. More people are open to the idea of booking auto transport services given how safe vehicles are in transit with GPS.

  • Effortless navigation

    • Before the GPS, there were maps. Maps that you physically had to create a route with in order to get to your destination. Now, with the ability to pinpoint destinations, drivers are able to navigate with the touch of a button. This allows them to travel routes they have never traveled before

  • Driver Safety

    • With the ability to monitor drivers with ease, unnecessary stops and changes to the route are reduced dramatically. Drivers are a very important piece of the puzzle in auto transport services, so their safety matters to us. Although GPS is used to make sure the driver is doing his job appropriately, it is also used to make sure that the driver is safe. If the driver is unheard from for a long period of time, a GPS is used to check the location of the driver and whether he is stationary or not. GPS’s also allow the driver’s speed to be monitored. 

The Era of Apps

With a huge burst in software applications, there’s an app for everything. Apps that help simplify logistics are thoroughly used in the auto transport industry. Software makes planning routes and scheduling drivers much easier than it was in the past. The enhancement of technology allows the auto shipping industry to grow larger than previously imagined. Never before have we been so connected and able to uphold safety, security, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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