Winter Tires Guide

There’s no question that winter weather makes the roads more dangerous. According to the United States Department of Transportation, 17% of vehicle crashes occur during winter conditions. And every year, over 1,300 people die and more than 116,800 are injured in vehicle crashes that happen on snowy, slushy, or icy roads. While cautious driving habits […]

How to Buy New Tires

Every year, nearly 11,000 accidents happen in the United States because  of old or bad tires. Even worse, most Americans don’t know how to tell if their tire tread is too low. The reality is that most people are driving unsafe vehicles every day and may not even realize it. Part of taking care of […]

How to Track a Shipped Vehicle

Shipping your car coast to coast is a matter of trust. And to know which companies you can trust and rely on with your car, you must know which companies are transparent with their clients. Too many unreliable transport carriers promise to ship vehicles seamlessly only to remain unresponsive once the car is loaded in […]

How to Transport Your Car Coast to Coast

Shipping a car coast to coast is no easy task and there are quite a few factors that could make or break your experience.  Some of these factors aren’t apparent at first glance, like choosing a company that will care about the safety of your car during the shipping process. There are also rules about […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Your Car

Shipping a car can be stressful, even for those who’ve had their vehicles shipped more than once.  If you don’t know what to look out for, it’s easy to end up paying more than necessary. Or, worse, you could get ripped off by questionable auto shipping companies. You also have to consider the potential damage […]

What to Do After You Buy a Car

Think back to the first car you bought. There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of turning the key for the first time and the thrill of being able to go anywhere with a new set of wheels. Windows down, stereo up, and nothing but you and the open road. And then all the paperwork […]

What to Expect When Shipping your Car

Every year, about 31 million people move across the country each year. Aside from this, people also need reliable car shipping when buying and selling their vehicles or even participating in car shows in different states. This means auto transport companies are responsible for shipping at least 58 million vehicles annually. It’s always easier to […]

What Type of Auto Transportation Should You Select For Your Vehicle?

While hiring a car shipping service to move your vehicle from one place to another seems simple, there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are many factors you must worry about to ensure the smooth transfer and safety of your car. The problem escalates if you’re ordering your car from a different country: […]

6 Tips for Buying a Car Online

Buying a car online has never been more accessible — or more popular. Around 80% of shoppers say that they’re open to buying a car online instead of in-person or at the dealership. This comes as no surprise: With today’s technology, you can order a new car with just the click of a few buttons. […]

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