As one of the biggest states in the nation, Texas can be overwhelming for some. It has one of the busiest economies, so expect lots of people vying for different job opportunities.

It’s also very diverse. Depending on where you decide to move to in Texas, you could find yourself knee-deep in cowboy culture or immersed in a dizzying melting pot.

There are also many facets of the Lone Star State you may not be aware of until you move here. From the good to the bad, the low taxes to the extreme weather, you’ll want to come prepared.  

Instead of worrying about the uncertainty, get all the information you need so you can have a stress-free move. This guide will unpack everything you should know before moving to the great state of Texas. 

Texas Climate

The Texas High Plains, located at the northwestern side of the state, has a continental steppe climate that makes it perfect for growing wine grapes. This area is part of Texas’s dry region and gets minimal rainfall.

The rest of Texas ranges from moderate temperatures with irregular precipitation in the Central Plains to a subtropical climate in the Coastal Plains. While some areas are arid, cities closer to the Gulf of Mexico like Houston and Corpus Christi can see lots of rain and some flooding. 

The state has an average of approximately 237 total days with sunshine (the US average is 205 days). This means residents can enjoy the warm weather and outdoors for most of the year.

The best times to move to Texas are between March and May during the spring and from September to November during the fall.

Spring in Texas is fairly comfortable, outside of the occasional rain shower. Fall is an even better time for moving to Texas because the summer crowd is scattering, which means fewer people and more manageable traffic. Plus, the temperature during this period is pleasant, ranging from 70°F to 80°F.

The average temperature that people feel most comfortable with is 70°F. Out of the Texas cities with at least 500,000 residents, Houston ranks as the one with the best climate (average temperature of 78°F for a high and 60°F for a low).

Taxes in Texas

Texas is one of the nine states that have no income tax. Because you won’t pay taxes on your salary, you’ll have more money to enjoy your life. 

Lower taxes also makes Texas the perfect place for retirees. With no income tax, your social security retirement benefits and retirement account income remain intact.

On the downside, Texas compensates for the lack of an income tax with other forms of taxation. It has the seventh-highest property tax rate at 1.69% and the 14th-highest state sales tax at 8.19%. 

Job Opportunities and Costs in Texas

The cost of living in Texas is lower than the national average. On a scale of 100 being the average (the lower the score, the better the cost of living is), Texas has an average score of 93.9.


Texas State Relocation Guide
Among the different expenses, housing is the most affordable with a score of 84.3, while transportation is above the national average at 103.3.

The average annual salary in Texas ($38,554 or $18.54/hour) is lower than the average salary nationwide ($43,043/year). It ranks 27th for average job salaries among 50 states.


Texas State Relocation Guide
Pre-2020, the state boasted a booming economy with a robust job market, but the coronavirus pandemic stifled growth. However, the Lone Star State has recovered nicely – it’s currently ranked as having the second-largest economy in the US. Therefore, expect to find more employment opportunities in the coming years in the state.

Texas Healthcare

According to US News, Texas is ranked 31st among US states for the best healthcare.


Texas State Relocation Guide


Access to affordable healthcare has been a lingering problem in the state for a long time. According to the 2019 report by The Commonwealth Fund, Texas ranks last in healthcare access and affordability. The primary reason for this is the state’s decision not to expand Medicaid eligibility.

There has been a bid to expand Medicaid in 2021 at the expense of denying the 1115 waiver. This federal funding agreement would extend the health care safety net for uninsured Texans to 10 years.

Texas Education

Texas has had a long-standing issue with education. In 2016, the El Paso Times reported that it ranked 43rd among 50 states for education quality. The national average of all states is C, and Texas only managed a C-.

A more recent study by WalletHub gives Texas an overall ranking of 39 (out of 50). It ranks 43rd in educational attainment but 15th in quality of education. In fact, Austin is the ninth-most educated city in the entire nation, according to a separate study conducted by WalletHub.

Ross Ramey of the Texas Tribune attributes the low educational ranking to the Texas government’s “extraordinary tolerance for mediocrity in public schools.”

Currently, Texas has the 34th best education system. It ranks 31nd in higher education and 36th in Pre-K-12.

Texas State Relocation Guide


Rice University is one of the most popular universities in the state and currently ranks as the 16th best college in the US. Texas also has some good school districts, such as the Houston Independent School District.

Notable Highlights

There are other things going for Texas aside from its tax exemptions and the booming job market.

Texas is the second most diverse state in the US, according to the World Population Review. Cultural diversity paves the way for diverse perspectives that inspire innovation and creativity. It also allows for a more inclusive and compassionate community that trickles down to the next generation.

What’s unique about Texas is that it is shaped by different pop culture staples like the Alamo, country music, and Tex-Mex cuisine. All of these add to the natural charm of Texas Life.

The state also has a very strong sports fanbase, especially for football (Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns) and basketball (San Antonio Spurs).

Best Places to Live in Texas

As you can see, Texas has a very distinct personality compared to other states in the nation. And there are lots of reasons, from jobs to the sunshine, that might compel you to make a move here.

In that case, make sure to prepare before you move. Below are things you need to do before hopping on a plane to Texas:

  • Since Texas is hot and humid, pack clothing made with breathable materials. At the same time, get rid of your heavy jackets since you won’t need most of them.
  • Make sure to tightly pack breakable items so they don’t get damaged during the trip.
  • Have in hand important documents like your driver’s license, social security card, medical records, voter registration card, and vehicle registration.
  • To get your new Texas driver’s license, you must reach out to your local Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) office within 90 days of your move.
  • When transporting your car, get the best state-to-state car shipping for total peace of mind. Make sure that the auto transport company can attest to helpful customer support and transparent pricing for its services so you won’t have problems down the line.

Now that you have these things covered, below are the top five places to live in Texas:

Cottonwood Creek South

Located in Richardson, Texas, Cottonwood Creek South has a light urban feel, and most residents own their homes. You’ll find a wide range of restaurants, including everything from fine dining to pizza.

Many retirees live here, as well as conservatively inclined citizens. If you have a family, Cottonwood Creek South is a great place because of its highly rated public schools. It is ranked the best neighborhood to buy a house, live, and raise a family in Texas.

Heights Park

Living in Heights Park offers residents a low-key suburban lifestyle with access to many of the benefits and amenities that come from living near Dallas. Residents also get an opportunity for community involvement since there are plenty of neighborhood events throughout all four seasons.

Also in Richardson, Heights Park is known as an ideal neighborhood for young professionals, the second-best neighborhood to live in, and the third-best neighborhood to buy a house.


Coppell is a suburb of Dallas with a population of 41,645. Living in Coppell offers residents a dense suburban feel, and most residents are homeowners. It’s a family-friendly area with plenty of swimming pools, parks, and outdoor activities. 

In Coppell, there are a lot of fantastic restaurants, including some of the best Tex-Mex and Southwestern eateries in the state. 

The Woodlands

The Woodlands, a city in Texas with 113,819 residents, is rated as one of the best cities to live in America as well as the second-best place to buy a house and raise a family in the country. The dense suburban feel provides homeowners an opportunity to enjoy life with so many parks and restaurants nearby residential areas. 

Cinco Ranch

Cinco Ranch, a thriving suburb of Houston with 16,437 residents, is the fourth-best place to raise a family in Texas. The suburban community provides its diverse population with an idealistic lifestyle: Most people own their homes, and there are plenty of families living here.

With so many fantastic, family-friendly neighborhoods in Texas, you’re sure to find the perfect place to call home.


There’s a lot to love about Texas, from the diverse culture to the tax incentives. Texas boasts a robust economy, beautiful weather, and stunning national parks.

On the flip side, there are issues with education quality and healthcare access, but in a state as big as this one, what you experience depends a lot on where you decide to live. 

No question, there are lots of things to look forward to when relocating to Texas. It’s now a matter of making your transfer as seamless as possible. 

Among the various belongings, you have to bring with you, your car is probably one of the largest. Naturally, you want a trusted auto transport company to handle the safe transfer of your vehicle. 

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