Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Ohio

Ohio is a convenient state to move to for work and a quieter life. Its location in the Midwestern United States is excellent since it’s only a day’s drive to within 50% of the US population. With around 11,689,100 residents, Ohio, otherwise known as the Buckeye State, ranks 10th of the most populous in America.

And that’s a testament to what an attractive place it is to live. Ohio’s low cost of living, booming job market, and excellent local school district and education institutions make it a popular choice for relocation. People move to Ohio from all over the country, including New York City. The technology industry is growing in Ohio, providing plenty of job opportunities for young professionals and families.

If you are considering moving to Ohio, it’s best to know as much as possible before you hit the road. This article will cover everything you need to know about Ohio to help you learn about the details of moving, living, and, eventually, thriving in Ohio.

Ohio Climate

Located in the East North Central region, Ohio experiences all four distinct seasons and has a humid continental climate. Such a climate means that it has hot and humid summers and cold winters. The northern part of the state experiences colder weather, while the southern portion has milder temperatures. So if you like a warmer continental climate, you should move to the southern part to cities such as Irontown, Jackson, and Portsmouth.

Overall, Ohio experiences around 170 sunny days, around 10 inches of rainfall, and 28 to 56 inches of snowfall. The state experiences the highest temperatures in July (~85°F) and the lowest temperatures in January (~20°F). That’s a significant variation, so you should pack gear that’s right for all these extremes.

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Residents of Ohio look forward to all these seasons as each offers a variety of activities to do. In the spring and fall, people flock to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Berea Falls, and Lake Erie islands for relaxing or looking at the spring blossoms or lovely fall foliage. The summer is perfect for sunbathing, and most people make the annual homage to Cedar Point, a fantastic amusement park, a summer staple. Meanwhile, winter is perfect for going ice skating or visiting the mountains to ski.

In terms of natural disasters, Ohio ranks as the fifth safest state in the country. The most significant risk for the state are tornadoes, flooding, and some ice and snowstorms. But overall, the state is well-prepared to handle these events, and residents feel safe.

Ohio Taxes

As with all states, Ohio has several taxes which residents and businesses must pay. All residents must pay income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes.

When you work in the Ohio system, you have to pay an average of 4.9% income tax, which makes Ohio the 19th best state in individual taxes. If you own a house or any other property, you will have to pay 1.62% in property taxes.

Ohio does not have a corporate income tax for those who have businesses, making it an ideal state for opening a new business. Residents have to pay sales tax, though, at an average of 5.75%.

In terms of other taxes, you will have to pay 38.51 cents for the gasoline tax and $1.6 per pack of cigarettes you buy. Compared to other states, Ohio has a relatively cheaper taxation system in place which makes it favorable for those planning on moving to Ohio.

Ohio Cost of Living

Moving to Ohio means moving to a relatively cheaper state. If you’re moving from metropolitan cities like New York City or Los Angeles, then you’re especially in for a treat. Ohio has a cost of living index of 87.7, lower than the national average index of 100.

That also means that the average cost of housing is incredibly affordable in Ohio. Consider that the average price for a home in the entire country costs $303,288. By contrast, in Ohio, the same house will set you back an average of only $186,211, with the median home value somewhere around $200,000.

Housing costs are not the only perk making Ohio an affordable state. Except for utilities, Ohio has less expensive (lower than the national average) groceries, health insurance, transportation, and more. And with the median annual household income of $60,110, Ohio is the right state for both a fresh start and young professionals just starting their adulthood journeys.

Healthcare in Ohio

Ohio is a great place to move, but there are a few things that need improvement. One of these is the healthcare system.

In general, Ohio ranks 37th for healthcare out of the entire country. It has good access to healthcare (ranked 19th), but the quality is quite low, ranking at 33. Ohioans do not have an excellent level of public health, ranking 47th on the list.

There are a few areas where Ohio’s healthcare is in a relatively better spot than other states. It has better mental health care, and residents follow routine checkups with their doctors.

Overall, if healthcare is an essential component of choosing your new home, you may need to plan for higher out-of-pocket costs. You will have to pay a hefty premium for a plan in any private insurance company so that you can have good access to health services.

The State of Education in Ohio

Ohio’s access to education is at a relatively good level. The state ranks 35th for higher education and 20th for Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The state offers a mix of public and private schools and is home to a few of the best universities in the country. These include several great educational institutions:

  1. Ohio State University (Columbus)
  2. Kent State University (Kent)
  3. Oberlin College (Oberlin)
  4. Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland)
  5. Ohio University (Athens)

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Notable school districts include:

  1. Solon City School District, Solon
  2. Indian Hill Exempted Village School District, Cincinnati
  3. Beachwood City School District, Beachwood
  4. Wyoming City Schools, Wyoming
  5. Mason City School District, Mason


Notable Highlights

Main Tourist Attractions

In addition to exciting big cities and lovely small towns, living in the Buckeye State allows you to see all the main tourist attractions. These include:

  • Cedar Point or the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World”
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Columbus Zoo
  • Butterfly House
  • Put-In-Bay, an entire island dedicated to commemorating the 1812 Battle of Lake Erie;
  • Columbus Brewing Company
  • Any professional sports teams games


Food & Drink

You might not guess it, but Ohio is an incredible state for foodies and those who appreciate a good meal. You will find a range of cultures and cuisines all around, which you must visit. But, some dishes define Ohio, which you have to try when you move. These include:

  • Goetta: a German breakfast sausage famous in the Cincinnati area
  • Corned beef sandwiches
  • Chili dogs
  • Cheese conies

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Art and culture are a part of Ohio residents, and you will find many museums spread out across the state. Some of the best-known ones are:

  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Toledo Museum
  • Cincinnati Museum Center


State Parks

Living in Ohio and not visiting the national park means you’re missing out on the stunning landscape and flowing rivers. Take a day off or use the weekend to feast your eyes on some mesmerizing nature in:

  • Mohican State park
  • Hocking Hills State Park
  • Maumee Bay State Park

Best Places to Live in Ohio

Ohio is a big state with plenty of options for places to live. The state has eight counties, 2,239 towns, Ohio cities and villages, and 904 special districts. While Central Ohio is a more popular place to live in, some popular cities make the list of the five best places to live in Ohio.


As the state capital and the third most populous city in the Midwest region, Columbus is the number one choice for Ohio. As the largest city in Ohio, Columbus is a bustling city and full of life. It is home to four Fortune 500 companies and Ohio State University. It’s a family-friendly city with a diverse economy and great neighborhoods with many housing options.


While Columbus is a more diverse and professional city, Cincinnati is more of a college town and historical place. It has top-notch urban planning which is extremely beautiful, and that’s why it’s usually called “the Paris of America.” Cincinnati is also quite artsy and has many art organizations that host events throughout the year. If you’re in this city, you won’t be bored, as there’s always plenty to do.


Located in the South-East part of Ohio, Athens is nothing like the old Greek city. It’s a small, quiet, incredibly green city, perfect for college students and young families. It has a vibrant atmosphere throughout the academic year, with college students bustling around. 


Usually called “Ohio’s Largest Playground,” Mason is one of the most fun cities in Ohio. It’s located in the Southwest part of Ohio and is full of amusement parks, playgrounds, shopping centers, malls, and more. Families usually choose to spend their vacation days or weekends in Mason to visit. Those considering Mason as their new home in Ohio will be pleased to know it has an outstanding public school system.

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With high-quality schools, premium stores, parks, exciting restaurants, and outdoor spaces, Powell is a good choice if you like a suburban area vibe. The city has cycling, jogging, and running paths, making it the perfect place for those who want to do outdoor activities. It’s also only 20 minutes from Columbus, so you could live in Powell and commute to Columbus for work. 

Ohio Job Market

As an Ohio resident, you will have many benefits in terms of employment. Currently, Ohio’s economy is in a better state, with a 4.7% unemployment rate and a booming technology industry.

Top industries in Ohio are:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Bioscience and Healthcare
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Iron and Steel


A few of the largest employers are:

  • Cleveland Clinic Health System
  • Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
  • Kroger Co.
  • Ohio State University and Medical Center
  • Honda Motor Company



Ohio movers have a bright future ahead of them as they make their way here. The Buckeye State is a peaceful and outdoorsy place with an excellent job market across all its cities. Living in Ohio also means enjoying consistent, high-quality access to outstanding educational institutions and the beautiful outdoors. You have plenty of choices in terms of location, from living in bustling larger cities to quiet and quaint tiny towns.

But we understand long distance moves can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to bringing an out-of-state vehicle to Ohio. That’s why you should consider auto moving companies, and the safest and most reliable one is Guardian Auto Transport. Not only can we transport your car to and from Ohio but we can also transport your car all across the United States

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