Moving to New Hampshire: State Relocation Guide

New Hampshire, one of America’s thirteen original colonies, is a small state with a big reputation. Its license plate slogan, “Live Free or Die,” is a nod to the state’s rich history. But, New Hampshire is just as stunning today as it was during its beginnings as a colony.

With its historic towns and beautiful scenery, New Hampshire is a prominent state within northern New England. While the cost of living and property taxes are high, New Hampshire has a robust job market, excellent public school system, and great healthcare.

The prospect of moving to a new state can be intimidating for anyone. Despite New Hampshire’s small size, the Granite State has a lot to offer for a new New Hampshire resident. This helpful relocation guide will tell you everything you need to know before moving to New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Climate

New Hampshire’s climate may be a significant change for individuals who have never resided in New England. New Hampshire experiences all four seasons. However, the temperature may vary depending upon your distance from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

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In the summer months, June to September, New Hampshire residents can expect temperatures ranging from 70 – 83 degrees, perfect for a day trip to the beach. However, New Hampshire is notably muggy from June to August.

Living in New Hampshire means you will experience frosty temperatures ranging from 15 to 22 degrees in the winter season. The highest average temperature during the winter months is about 35 degrees. If you are moving from the South or Southwest coast, you’ll need to prepare for the chilly weather.

In addition, the New England area is known for its Nor’Easters, powerful snowstorms with high winds, freezing conditions, and large amounts of snowfall. Moving to New Hampshire means you should prepare for harsh and long winters.

But there is a bright side to the muggy summers and cold winters. New England is known for its gorgeous fall colors, and New Hampshire’s fall landscape is extraordinary.

New Hampshire Taxes

New Hampshire has one of the highest property taxes in the United States at 2.05%.

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Homeowners can expect to pay around $5,125 in property taxes which is double the national average. New Hampshire residents can expect their tax money to help their county, town, local schools, and state education funding.

New Hampshire does not charge any sales tax on purchases, despite the high property taxes. Zero sales tax is a pleasant perk when the property tax is so high.

New Hampshire Cost of Living

New Hampshire’s cost of living has a wide variety of scores across categories.

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Overall, New Hampshire has a slightly higher than average cost of living compared to the national average. However, looking at these numbers closely, you will see that there are plenty of upsides and downfalls.

One of the positives is that New Hampshire has relatively low costs for transportation and health. However, New Hampshire’s housing costs and utilities are significantly higher than the national average. The median home value and grocery costs are also reasonably high compared to the U.S. average.

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With a wide range of property taxes—1.31% to 2.71%—and median home values—$124,900 to $310,200—the county you decide to live in will be an important decision when moving to New Hampshire.

For example, Sullivan county has the highest average property tax rate in New Hampshire at 2.71% and a lower median home value at $174,000 compared to other counties. You may be better suited in Carroll County, where home values are higher, $236,500, but the property tax rate is lower, 1.31%.

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New Hampshire has a slightly below-average salary—$65,421/year or $31/hour—compared to the national average of $66,665/year. With high property taxes, a high cost of living, and a lower-than-average salary, assessing your finances will be crucial when deciding to move to New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Healthcare

Before moving to New Hampshire, one of the most important things to consider is the state’s healthcare.

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New Hampshire overall ranks highly favorably in the U.S. for healthcare, coming in at #13. The state has excellent access to healthcare at #9 and a high ranking for public health at #15. New Hampshire’s healthcare quality is mid-tier, ranking #22 in America.

New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services provides insurance assistance to New Hampshire’s population in need. Caregivers, pregnant women, children, and disabled adults below the poverty level are eligible to apply for New Hampshire’s Medicaid services.

New Hampshire Education

The quality of education in the Granite State is crucial to consider, especially if you have children.

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New Hampshire places #13 overall in the U.S. for their education services. But, similar to their cost of living, various factors go into this rating. So, it’s important to take a closer look at the different categories that contribute to the overall ranking.

New Hampshire has an excellent rating for their Pre-K to Grade 12 education, placing #4 in the country. While these services rank highly favorably, New Hampshire’s rating for higher education is significantly low at #46.

Despite a low rating for higher education, the state still has some great options for prospective college students. There are plenty of choices when picking a New Hampshire university or college, with both public and private options.

The prestigious Dartmouth College is located in New Hampshire and ranks #13 in the U.S. for a college education. At Dartmouth College, medical students receive hands-on learning at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center which is the only academic medical center in the state.

Other colleges in New Hampshire include Plymouth State University which places #43 for a public college education. For prospective students looking for a liberal arts degree, Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire ranks #105.

Notable Highlights

New Hampshire has no shortage of natural beauty, and one of the most breathtaking is White Mountain National Forest. The forest is home to 800,00 acres of protected wildlife in New Hampshire, with a small portion branching into western Maine.

White Mountain National Forest visitors can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, camping, and other outdoor activities. You can even take scenic drives through the forest to enjoy the natural beauty from the comfort of your car.

At the bottom of the White Mountains lies Lake Winnipesaukee, the biggest lake in the state of New Hampshire. This natural beauty has a ton of activities for the whole family to enjoy, such as kayaking, mini-golfing, and fishing derbies.

Beach lovers will love New Hampshire’s Hampton Beach State Park. They offer activities like camping, swimming, and fishing year-round. Notably, Hampton Beach State Park has many family-friendly events including “Monday Movie Nights on the Beach” during the summer season.

Hampton Beach also hosts a yearly sand sculpture event where competitors are invited to craft elaborate sand sculptures. Spectators can view the competition via webcam or visit the sculptures after completion.

For nature enthusiasts, Mount Washington in New Hampshire is a must-see. The Mount Washington Cog Railway takes visitors on a scenic trip through the White Mountain National Forest and ends at the summit of Mount Washington.

From the summit peak, you will be above the clouds overlooking the landscapes of five different states, including New Hampshire. The other four states are Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York. But, on an exceptionally clear day, it’s even possible to spot Canada from the peak.

One crucial fact about the Granite State is that New Hampshire locals aren’t required to carry car insurance. While this is a strange law and would be concerning for most, New Hampshire still requires drivers to pay for damages caused in an at-fault accident. If the driver cannot pay these damages, they could lose their license.
Best Places to Live

It can be challenging to know where to start when moving to New Hampshire. While the Granite state is small, transferring your items across state lines is still difficult.

Before looking at the top 5 places to live in New Hampshire, let’s review some tips to make your move as comfortable as possible:

  • Secure a spot for essential documents — You never know when you’ll need important documents like your social security card, birth certificate, driver’s license, and more. Put your papers in an easily accessible spot during your move. You’ll need these when you apply for a new license in the New Hampshire DMV.
  • Change your address — Visit your local post office to file a change of address form before you move to New Hampshire.
  • Lighten your load — Moving to a new location is a great time to donate or discard items you do not need in everyday life.
  • Pack wisely — Wrap all of your breakable items and secure them safely within moving boxes. You should label these boxes accordingly and guard them against potential damage. Objects will shift and slide, but you don’t want fragile pieces breaking during transport.
  • Ship your car — Avoid unnecessary depreciation of your vehicle by transporting your car using state to state shipping.

While there are a few major cities in New Hampshire if you’re looking for city life, there are also a few hidden gems.


Grafton County is home to the town of Hanover, New Hampshire. Hanover has a dense suburban feel with a population of 11,467 people.

This is a popular destination for young professionals and 52% of the population holds a Master’s degree or higher. However, the median home value is higher than the national average. A prospective homeowner can expect to pay $564,000 for a house in Hanover.


If you are looking for a liberal community with a dense suburban feel, Portsmouth, New Hampshire is the place to be.

Located in Rockingham County, Portsmouth residents are on the border of Maine and close to the seashore. The average household income is $83,923 and renters should expect to pay $1,305 a month in housing.


Bedford is a suburb within the city of Manchester, New Hampshire. While living in major cities can be a challenge, Bedford has a great family-friendly community with excellent public and private schools.

The population of 22,535 people are primarily liberal with a median household income of $135,021.


Amherst is another popular suburb in Manchester with a rural feel. 93% of their population of 11,333 residents own their houses with a median home value of $354,200.

Since this suburb is located in Southern New Hampshire, the city of Boston, Massachusetts is only an hour’s drive away. This makes it easy for residents to travel outside of the state by public transportation and visit this historic city.


Madbury is a small town in New Hampshire that provides residents with a mix of rural and suburban areas. This town has a minuscule population of 1,901 residents.

However, don’t let the tiny size of this town rule it out just yet: Madbury also has low crime rates and an excellent public school system. Many of New Hampshire’s beaches are close by, making Madbury a fantastic location for raising a family.


New Hampshire has some of the best quality healthcare and education services that America has to offer. For such a small state, there are great job opportunities and it will be relatively easy for New Hampshire residents to find a new job.

On the downside, their taxes are one of the highest in the nation and their average salary is less than the national average. All of these factors will be important to consider before moving to New Hampshire.

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