Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Minnesota

To live in the North Star state is to experience beauty and joy that many will never know elsewhere. The sheer magnificence of the ever-changing seasons is enough to tempt even the most die-hard city dwellers.

It’s an easy sell for Minnesotans, too, who count among some of the nation’s most contented citizens. From the Twin Cities to Duluth, Minnesota is home to 10,000 lakes and just as many sandy beaches. There’s also plenty for land-locked Minnesotans, from the Minneapolis Polar Bear Plunge to the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

But you need to know more than the natural beauty and holiday festivals before moving here.

Minnesota is full of surprises, and if you don’t plan accordingly, you could end up unprepared for the wintery weather or in the dark about an avoidable tax headache. This article will cover everything you need to know about moving to Minnesota.


Minnesota Climate

Minnesota’s climate is just about perfect, with four distinct seasons that bring both sunshine and lots of snow. The summers are warm and comfortable, and the fall brings a touch of crispness to the air while still being comfortable for outdoor activities.

Minnesota winters are cold but dry and full of recreational opportunities like cross-country skiing at Mt. Itasca or ice fishing at Spirit Mountain. Minnesotans enjoy a long cold season beginning in late September and concluding by the end of April.

Minnesota State Relocation Guide

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Average winter temperatures dip as low as 8°F in the northern regions. Still, summers bring about mild, comfy 70°F-range temperatures in the southernmost areas, making Minnesota nice for those looking for a new home away from the heat of the south or the humidity of the Northeastern states.

There are some people who choose to sell their home and ship their car and all their belongings to Minnesota to enjoy the changing seasons and the laid-back Midwestern lifestyle.

Tax Considerations in Minnesota

Minnesota is known as a high-tax state, and if you’re moving from another state, it’s essential to understand how these taxes affect you. Minnesota imposes all the usual property and income taxes on its residents, but your residency status impacts the taxes you’ll pay.

A Minnesota resident must pay taxes on all of their earnings, both inside and outside the state. Because another jurisdiction may tax income sourced outside of Minnesota, a credit is given for taxes paid to another state to avoid double taxation.

Nonresidents are taxed on their Minnesota-source income only, such as from employment in the state or income from business activities conducted remotely from a Minnesota property.

Partial-year residents (like some Wisconsin-born residents with homes in MN) are taxed as a resident during their time of residency. Then they’re taxed as a nonresident for any activities conducted while residing outside the state during the same year.

Minnesota also charges common sales taxes and excise taxes on certain products.

Minnesota State Relocation Guide

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The 6.875% sales tax rate makes Minnesota the 6th-lowest state in the country for sales tax.

Living and Working in Minnesota

The cost of living in Minnesota is slightly more favorable, on average, versus other states in the USA. In most categories, Minnesota enjoys lower costs than the national average cost indices.

Minnesota State Relocation Guide

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Heating and cooling costs are markedly lower than the national average, as is grocery and fuel purchasing power. So, if you’re moving here, expect a relatively affordable level of living expenses.

The low-cost of living attracts many new residents and homeowners looking to put down roots in the state. In fact, median home prices are slightly higher than the national average. However, salaries in Minnesota rank 18th-lowest in the nation, with top-earners averaging just under $59,000 per year.

Minnesota State Relocation Guide

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On the other hand, 60% of the state’s population currently resides in the Twin Cities, which are Minneapolis and St. Paul. These locations also happen to be a nexus for Fortune 500 companies and their headquarters. Companies like Target, United Health Group, General Mills, and 3M call these two cities their home, so finding a job among any of the 17 American corporations that populate the area won’t be hard. 


Healthcare Services in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota provides quality healthcare for its residents, and people relocating to the state will find that accessing such services is as easy as can be.

Minnesota has ranked as one of the seven healthiest states in the country since 1995, including ranking #1 five different times. In 2020, WalletHub ranked Minnesota 2nd nationally.

Minnesota offers a number of options for affordable healthcare, including Medicaid and Medicare programs for low-income residents.

The MinnesotaCare program is a health insurance plan subsidized by the state to serve as a safety net for lower-income individuals who don’t qualify for other public assistance programs.

The state also provides a complete list of services for residents to quickly and easily evaluate their options and find a healthcare provider that fits their needs.

Education Services in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota continues to be a great place to live and work, with resources readily available to help people relocate here. As part of that effort, the state provides education services for its residents, making it possible for anyone in the state to achieve success in their chosen careers.

Ranked 17th for education services, Minnesota offers residents a quality education at all grade levels. The high-school graduation rate is high, and the state boasts a number of excellent colleges, including Bethel University in Saint Paul and Carleton College in Northfield. 

Minnesota State Relocation Guide

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The University of Minnesota is also one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in America and accepts students who demonstrate high academic potential and accomplishment.

Primary school students in the state attend public schools and receive excellent reading instruction in elementary school, with students consistently scoring above the national average in math scores on standardized tests.

Schools throughout the state offer students an opportunity to excel in science, music, and other skills through various programs such as Career & Technical Education classes.

Notable Highlights

Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It has been nicknamed “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” because it has more lakes than any other state. It also provides outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities ranging from fishing, hunting, and boating to hiking, birding, and winter sports.

Pipestone National Monument is one of two national monuments in Minnesota. It was created to protect the area’s significant archaeological resources that are sacred to Native American culture. The monument also honors the stories of those who are an integral part of this culture today.

The other famous monument in Minnesota is The Great Portage National Monument, which was built to commemorate the fur trade and Ojibwe ways of life. The monument lies inside the Grand Portage Indian Reservation and features an 8.5-mile hike from Pigeon River to Lake Superior’s popular North Shore.

Minnesota is also a major host to American professional sports. The NFL’s Minnesota Vikings seat over 66,000 fans per game, while the Twins of Major League Baseball serve over 1.9 million fans each summer.

Best Places to Live in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to some of the best cities in America, with plenty of great options for living, working, and playing. To locate these hidden gems—and perhaps inspire a move or two along the way—we’ve pinpointed the very best places to live in Minnesota.


The famous long-time home of musical sensation Prince, Chanhassen has a lot to offer—and its proximity to Minneapolis provides easy access to the big city while still giving you the chance to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Chanhassen earned the coveted #1 spot on Money.com’s list of best cities to live in America, but the luxuries of this quaint all-American town don’t come cheap. Median property values have climbed as high as $458,000. 

If you’re willing to make the investment, you can count on a gold-standard quality of American life. Residents enjoy superior education services and miles of natural beauty—not to mention 95 miles of bike trails.


If you live in Woodbury, you’ll enjoy the ease of commuting to downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul without spending too much time in traffic—one great reason to make this Midwestern city your new home. It’s also one of the safest cities in all of Minnesota, making it a perfect place to raise a new family.

Woodbury captured the #29 spot on Money.com’s list of top American towns for its proximity to St. Paul—nine out of 10 workers commute to the city for work. Also, job opportunities are expected to spike as high as 10% over the next four years, demonstrating promising growth for this up-and-coming Minnesota suburb.


Coming in at #32 on the Money.com list is tiny Rosemount, Minnesota. But being a small city doesn’t necessarily mean there are limited opportunities.

Rosemount is a town rich in Irish history, which you’ll see proudly displayed in clover decorations and bright green banners. The town throws an annual chili cook-off, a parade, and a “Leprechaun Days” celebration during a 10-day festival every July.

Not long afterward, residents can enjoy the nearby Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul. One of the best places to live in Minnesota, Rosemount is home to many families who are actively involved in their community. 

Eden Prairie

The city of Eden Prairie is a great place to live. In addition to lovely residential areas and low-cost housing alternatives, the city has almost 10,000 acres of parkland set aside, miles upon miles of breathtaking views, and a plethora of beautiful lakes and beaches.

It’s no surprise that the quality of life in Eden Prairie, Minnesota is rated above average by 93% of residents in the City’s biennial Quality of Life Survey. The town features a slew of outstanding restaurants, top-ranking schools, and various entertainment and leisure options. It’s also a short drive to downtown Minneapolis.


In June of 2018, Rochester was the first city in America to be recognized as an Intercultural City. This cooperative networking initiative establishes high governance, policy, and practice standards. This makes Rochester one of the best cities in the northern half of the United States for immigrants and foreign students.

In particular, medical students in the area will find an interest in the world-famous Mayo Clinic, which calls Rochester home. With endless collaboration between health care professionals and researchers, studying medical sciences in Rochester gives learners a chance to make an impactful difference.


Minnesota is one of America’s most aesthetically beautiful states, but not all of its cities are created equal. Moving to the region comes with various perks, from the easily accessible outdoor lifestyle to supercharged education and healthcare services.

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