Moving to Massachusetts: State Relocation Guide

Massachusetts is one of the original 13 colonies. With its rich history and high quality of life, it’s no wonder that millions of people flock to the Baked Bean State for business and improved living conditions. 

Massachusetts has a lot to offer, especially if you’re interested in history or want to be part of a beautiful area that’s growing every year.

Since Massachusetts is in the New England area, you can expect a few things to be different, especially if you’re moving from the south. So, to help you prepare for your move and find out if moving to Massachusetts is the right place for you, use this guide for the most essential information. 

You’ll find information on climate, education, healthcare, jobs, cost of living, and some of the best places to live. Let’s dive right in!

Massachusetts Climate

Located in the New England region, Massachusetts experiences all four seasons. If you move here, prepare for moderate summers and cold winters. The average summer temperature is 80℉, and the average winter temperature is right around freezing.

Despite its colder winter temperatures, Massachusetts has what’s called a humid continental climate. The clashing of its forested terrain and coastal properties creates humid conditions within the state — which is also the reason why the state experiences about 30 thunderstorms every year.

Meanwhile, the winter months call for notorious “Nor-easters,” which can bring several feet of snow in a short time. That’s good news for lovers of winter sports, however — and Massachusetts’s mountainous terrain, with deep snow, makes it even better for skiers and snowboarders.

As you consider a move to Massachusetts, look into the different ecoregions to see which areas work best for your lifestyle. If you prefer winter sports, you will probably like the western regions over the more coastal areas in the east.

Taxes in Massachusetts

Taxes are an inescapable fact of life, but it helps to know that your choice of location could potentially decrease how much you pay. If you move to Massachusetts, you may pay lower taxes than in nearby states. 

Massachusetts has a state income tax of 5% which is right around the national average.

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Of states with income tax, Massachusetts has some of the lowest rates and this is especially helpful for commuters. For example, someone living in Massachusetts but working in New York can save nearly 6% on taxes by being a Massachusetts resident instead of a NY resident.

However, if you decide to start a corporation in Massachusetts, prepare for higher tax rates. Whereas Massachusetts is average to below average for most other taxes, the state charges higher tax percentages for corporations: the current rate is 8%.

Job Opportunities and Costs in Massachusetts

Working in Massachusetts comes with a lot of benefits. For starters, businesses operating in the state have an ideal environment for growth — among the best in the nation. It’s no surprise that new businesses routinely start in Massachusetts. The state encourages entrepreneurs and provides residents with ample opportunity to chase their entrepreneurial spirit.

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It also has an excellent job market with an overall ranking of 5th in the nation. There are plenty of jobs that pay well in Massachusetts. The median household income in Massachusetts is higher than the national average.

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With many industries open for employment, the Massachusetts economy is alive and well. However, one thing to consider regarding the average salary is that the cost of living in Massachusetts is much higher than the US average.

When the national average cost of living is rated a 100, Massachusetts is 127.2.

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There are many reasons for this increased living cost, including more expensive housing, utilities, and groceries than in other states in the country. For example, housing is 76.4 points higher than the national average, and you won’t save money renting either. A one-bedroom apartment rents for an average of $1447/month.

However, one reason housing is so expensive is due to the sheer number of people in a small area. 6.98 million people live in Massachusetts as of 2021, but the state is only 10,565 square miles. These numbers add to 661 people per square mile.

Overall, the cost of living in Massachusetts is much higher than average. Still, there are some things to consider — mainly taxes and location — which can significantly benefit a single person, couples, or families looking to move to a different area.

Massachusetts Healthcare

Massachusetts is one of the best states to live in for healthcare. Ranking at #2 overall for healthcare services, Massachusetts leads the way in access, quality of care, and public health outcomes.

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The best ranking among those three qualifiers is health care access, and there’s a strong reason for that standing — Massachusetts has 306 physicians per 100,000 residents, whereas the national average is 210.

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With nearly 100 extra physicians in the area, residents have plenty of doctors, hospitals, and urgent care within driving distance.

This is especially true in the New England area, with the highest number of physicians in the region.

Most people get their health insurance through their employer. Given Massachusetts’s high-ranking job growth and employment, it’s clear why 95.8% of people have insurance.

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The number of people without insurance is drastically lower than in the rest of the country. Additionally, the obesity rate is much lower than the US average because most of the population lives in or near cities.

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With the bulk of the population living in or near Boston, taking public transportation and walking for several blocks is the norm. These habits encourage a healthier lifestyle and keep people fit.

Massachusetts Education

Overall, Massachusetts ranks #2 in education because of its Pre-k–12 programs and secondary education.

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The rankings for each subcategory are based on multiple criteria to help you better understand the education in Massachusetts.

Higher education ranking considers attainment, graduation rates, enrollment, tuition, and debt. Pre-K–12 considers enrollment, standardized test scores, and graduation rates.

The top three colleges and universities in Massachusetts all rank top 30 nationally–Harvard University (#2 tie), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#2 tie), and Tufts University (#28).

When your children are ready for college, they can stay in-state and attend one of several prestigious universities.

Harvard University

Located just outside of Boston in Cambridge, Harvard University is ranked #2 in the nation. Students attending Harvard can enjoy their education and the beautiful sights and sounds of the Boston Harbor.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is known for its science, math, and engineering programs, and is tied for #2 in the nation with Harvard. Additionally, MIT is next to Harvard in Cambridge. And, the two colleges coexist pretty well since their schools offer varying programs and specialties.

Tufts University

Although not as well known among the general population, Tufts University is a prestigious school of arts, sciences, and engineering located a few miles outside of Boston. Tufts ranks #28 nationally, making it an excellent school for post-secondary education.

Other excellent schools are Boston University, Boston College, and Northeastern University.

However, before your children can attend one of Massachusetts’s many prestigious universities, they must first graduate high school. Here is a list of some of the best school districts in Massachusetts.

Hopkinton Public Schools

Located in Hopkinton, MA, this school district is rated the best in the state. The community has 3.8K students and a 14:1 student to teacher ratio, ensuring your child gets the best education available with small class sizes.

Weston Public Schools

If you decide to live in Weston, MA, you can send your children to Weston Public Schools. Rated the second-best district in the state, your children can experience top-tier clubs and college readiness. Additionally, Weston is another small district with only 2,000 students.

Lexington Public Schools

Located in Lexington, MA (right outside of Boston), you and your children can enjoy the big-city life without living in Boston. LPS is a larger district with over 7,000 students. If your children attend school in Lexington, they can partake in excellent athletic programs, clubs, and activities.

Living in Massachusetts opens up many opportunities for you and your children, especially for education. Massachusetts has several options available, whether you’re looking to go back to school or set your child up for success with the best education possible.

Notable Highlights

After learning all the above information, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t forget that moving is an exciting venture. There is a lot to learn about your new home if you move to Massachusetts.

Here are some interesting facts to help you get acquainted with Bean Town.

  • More commonly known as Boston, Bean Town got its name after a revolutionary dish of baked beans on Sunday morning. Someone in Boston started adding molasses and salt pork which forever changed baked beans and gave Boston its moniker.
  • Boston Harbor has the oldest lighthouse in the country, dating back to 1716.
  • Massachusetts is one of the original 13 colonies.
  • Massachusetts is home to many firsts:
    • 1621: First Thanksgiving, Plymouth
    • 1636: First American university, Harvard, Cambridge
    • 1638: First American printing press, Cambridge
    • 1639: First free American public school, Boston
    • 1653: First American public library, Boston
    • 1704: First regularly issued American newspaper, The Boston News-Letter
    • 1775: First battle of the American Revolution, Lexington and Concord
    • 1876: Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the first telephone in Boston.
    • 1928: MIT developed the first computer in Cambridge.
  • Several monumental moments throughout American history happened in Massachusetts, like the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party.
  • You can support several local sports teams like the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, and the New England Patriots.

Moving to Massachusetts exposes you to so much history. If you decide to move here, you will learn something new every day.

Best Places to Live in Massachusetts

Speaking of learning something new, here are the best places to live.

Massachusetts has a lot to offer its residents, whether you live near Boston or further out in the country. From beautiful mountains to delicious cuisine, you can expect life in Massachusetts to be revolutionary.

Before you can get ready for your big move, there are a few things you need to prepare for to help make your transition as seamless as possible.

  • Massachusetts has relatively cool weather in the summer, but the winters are cold and bring a lot of snow. Make sure you pack snow gear and plenty of warm clothing.
  • If you’re bringing breakable and valuable items, wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent cracks and damage.
  • When moving to a new state, you must have your identification documents. These include your driver’s license, social security card, medical records, voter registration card, and vehicle registration.
  • As you prepare for your move, don’t forget about your car. While transporting a car can be stressful, we make it easy with our state-to-state car shipping. Don’t let the stress of travel wear you out. Let Guardian Auto Transport help you with our highly rated technicians and customer service support.

With that covered, let’s look at the three best places to live in Massachusetts.


A suburb of Boston, Brookline is a mid-sized area of 50,000 in the urban part of Boston. You can find excellent restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and parks throughout Brookline. 

This town has an urban feel, and many small families and young singles love living in Brookline. Additionally, Brookline has an excellent school system for families with small children.

The Port

Located in Cambridge, The Port has a small population of 9,000. With a small population on the outskirts of the metroplex, residents experience a blend of urban and suburban life. The Port is an excellent area for young professionals looking to make it in business. The Port also has an outstanding school district.


Cambridgeport is across the river from Boston and nearby MIT. With a population of 14,000 right in the city’s heart, Cambridgeport is an excellent place for individuals and families to live if they love the urban lifestyle.

You can find plenty of things to do in Cambridgeport, from restaurants to bars, to beautiful parks.

There are several unique places to live in Massachusetts — the hard part is figuring out what’s suitable for you. This list includes just three of the many dynamic, diverse, and beautiful places to live — so make sure to explore your options because the state has plenty to offer.


Massachusetts is historically relevant to our nation and is a great place to live. Whether you’re moving here for work, the school systems, or a change of pace, Massachusetts offers an excellent life for families and singles alike.

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