Moving to a new state can be an opportunity for a fresh start. And Maryland, with its beautiful beaches, diversity, and proximity to D.C., holds plenty of promise for those looking to relocate. 

Before you make the big leap, you’ll want to find out more about life for residents in Maryland. From the weather to the quality of education, moving here means doing research and discovering what you’ll need to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

This article will guide you through the details of relocating to Maryland, the quality of life you can expect, information on job outlook and healthcare, and the best neighborhoods to call home.

Maryland Climate

Maryland experiences hot and humid summers and cold winters, with variable precipitation. Some years will see plenty of snowfall and rain, although droughts in the summer aren’t uncommon. The average annual temperature in Maryland is 55.1°F.

The state features three main geographical regions, each with slightly different weather.

Maryland State Relocation Guide

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  • The Appalachian Mountains — Besides the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains, you can also find the tallest peak in Maryland, Backbone Mountain, within this region. Temperatures are a little cooler in the western part of this region, which includes Cumberland and Oakland: the average annual temperature here is 50°F.
  • Piedmont Plateau — Typified by rolling hills and fertile farmland, this region has a humid subtropical climate and can see cooler temperatures in the winter. Some of the popular cities in the area include Hagerstown, Gaithersburg, and Frederick.
  • Atlantic Coastal Plains — The region has a humid subtropical climate as well. Its average temperature is 35 °F (2 °C) in January and 75 °F (24 °C) in July. The weather does not permit ice formation during winter due to proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Popular cities in this region include Annapolis, Ocean City, and Salisbury.

If you want to schedule a relocation or travel to Maryland, the best times to visit are between late April and June or from late August to October. The weather is generally very pleasant, with warm temperatures and no risk of an ice or a snow storm. 

Taxes in Maryland

The average property tax rate in Maryland is 1.06%, which is just below the national average: 1.07%.

However, some areas are subject to higher tax rates. For example, Howard County residents pay 1.25% of their assessed home value in taxes every year.

Maryland State Relocation Guide

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Also, homeowners in Maryland have to pay more in property tax payments than residents in many other states because the home values are relatively high. The typical home price in Maryland is $366,581, which is 125% higher than typical home values in the U.S. overall.

Keep in mind that how much you pay in property taxes depends on where you live and your property’s value.  According to SmartAsset, residents of Allegany County pay the lowest taxes, while homeowners in Howard County pay the highest.

Maryland State Relocation Guide

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Despite the wide range in home prices and the reasonably high taxes, the demand for housing in Maryland is high at the moment. most moved-to states.

One of the main reasons for this uptick in Maryland real estate is an interest in vacation homes near the water. For example, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, consisting of Talbot, Dorchester, and Kent Counties, has become a hotbed for people buying vacation homes. This is driving prices in some areas up even more. 

If you’re nearing retirement, Maryland can be a great state to move to because it’s moderately tax-friendly for retirees. The state exempts 401(k) and Social Security distributions from income taxes. 

Job Opportunities and Cost of Living in Maryland

The cost of living in Maryland is higher than many other areas in the U.S. With 100 being the U.S. average, Maryland has a score of 113.

Maryland State Relocation Guide

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Aside from the state’s generally high home costs, transportation is another high expense for Marylanders. For instance, Maryland car owners pay $1,877 annually, on average, for car insurance. This is higher than the average U.S. cost of $1,674. 

Regarding salary, Maryland’s annual average in 2020 ($68,258 or $1,322/week) is significantly higher than the average annual salary nationwide ($59,540 or $1,145/week).

Among the different jobs in the state’s private and public sectors, the top highest-paying jobs are:

  • Federal government — $2,158/week
  • Information technology — $2,126
  • Financial activities — $2,119
  • Professional & business — $1,698
  • Manufacturing — $1,642

Maryland State Relocation Guide

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Maryland Healthcare

According to U.S. News, Maryland ranks sixth among U.S. states for the best healthcare.

Maryland State Relocation Guide

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One of the reasons Maryland’s health care system is so effective is its all-payer rate setting. With this initiative, the state sets the prices that hospitals can charge for medical care. The regulation improves access to low-paying insurers and eliminates variation in payments, thus making healthcare fair and accessible.

The state also launched another patient-friendly initiative in 2014—it capped each hospital’s revenue to prevent runaway healthcare costs. Doing this results in fewer incentives for healthcare providers to get more sick patients in hospital beds, which is the primary source of income among hospitals.

This explains the low preventable hospital admissions in the state. 

The crown jewel of Maryland’s healthcare system is The John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. U.S. News ranks it as the fourth-best hospital in the country and the best one in Maryland.

John Hopkins is ranked as one of the top five for the following medical practice areas:

  • Psychiatry and Rheumatology
  • Ear, Nose & Throat and Ophthalmology
  • Neurology & Neurosurgery
  • Urology

Maryland Education

According to the most recent study conducted by WalletHub, Maryland is the second most educated state in the country.

WalletHub analyzed the 50 states using 18 metrics to determine the education levels of its residents. The analysis reveals that Maryland has a high number of people with high school diplomas and college degrees.

The WalletHub study also attributes the state’s large number of well-educated individuals to the significant number of schools recognized by the Department of Education’s National Blue Ribbon Schools program. 

Maryland schools that are part of the program include River Hill High School, Walt Whitman High School, and Towson University. These schools are renowned for their overall academic excellence and their progress in closing the gap among student subgroups.

Maryland is also home to some of the top colleges in the country, such as Johns Hopkins University (ninth) and the University of Maryland–College Park (59th).

Notable Highlights

Maryland has been called “America in Miniature” because it shares the best natural qualities of the country in a single state. From the impressive peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the great outdoors of Swallow Falls State Park, and the stunning beaches of Ocean City, no one can deny Maryland’s natural splendor.

The state is also known as “Old Line State,” a name General George Washington gave Maryland during the Revolutionary War. This name refers to the 400 line troops who fought bravely against 10,000 British soldiers and helped General Washington’s army to escape.

Also, the state is the birthplace of the country’s national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” with a statue located in Patterson Park in Baltimore, Maryland, commemorating the centennial writing of the song.

Maryland is also home to the United States Naval Academy. More than just a military academy, the university is fully accredited and highly ranked. It has a student-faculty ratio of 8:1, while its graduates have an average median salary of $80,000 within five years after graduation.

While in Maryland, you can tour the Baltimore Museum of Art, Fort McHenry National Monument, Walters Art Museum, and more to get your dose of history and culture. Maryland is also a modest drive away from New York City and the monuments and museums of the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. 

Finally, the state is known for its signature dish: crab cakes. Timbuktu Restaurant, located in Hanover, is known for having the best crab cakes in the state, although you can enjoy Maryland crab cakes almost anywhere, from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to Ocean City. 

Best Places to Live in Maryland

Now that you know why moving to Maryland is an excellent idea, you need to find out about the best places to settle down in the state.

But before that, you’ll want to figure out the logistics of relocating to the state. Below are things you should know to help you get started:

  • The state experiences the four seasons in full effect. So, make sure to bring the right clothing for the season so you’re comfortable.
  • Since Maryland has lots of sandy beaches, don’t forget to pack swimwear so you can enjoy the water during the summer.
  • If you’re bringing your car with you, make sure to find a car shipping company that does state-to-state shipping to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

With these said, below are the best cities in Maryland you should consider:

North Potomac

North Potomac has approximately 23,914 residents. Diverse and filled with well-manicured parks and recreation areas, it’s considered the best place in Maryland for families. The city has access to excellent schools and has a booming job market.

Also, for art lovers, there’s Glenstone Museum, the home of incredible post-WWII art. If you see yourself as a nature and fitness lover, you’ll appreciate the Billy Goat Trail, a 4.7-mile hiking trail with rocky terrain and stunning views.

North Bethesda

Another city in Maryland that’s perfect for families, North Bethesda is also the ideal suburb for young professionals to settle in. It has a strikingly urban and liberal feel with many restaurants, parks, and coffee shops.

North Bethesda is the home of Josiah Henson Park, which was built in honor of Josiah Henson, author of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” There’s also the Rockville Town Center, which has become famous for public performances come summertime. It’s also great for ice skating during the winter.

Ellicott City

With over 72,665 residents and plenty of activities, you can’t go wrong with Ellicott City. It has everything you’d want in a city: good schools, a diverse and friendly community, and excellent restaurants.

It’s also known for its haunted sites and paranormal activity. Residents and visitors of Ellicott City can take a ghost tour to explore the history of the area while enjoying some haunted fun. It’s also home to the Forget-Me-Not Factory, a historic three-story toy store that is sure to rekindle the kid in you.


Maryland is a unique state for a number of reasons. It’s rich in American history, which is evident in the monuments and museums that honor it. The state offers a great mix of ocean-side, rural, and urban living.

At the same time, the state’s proximity to big cities like D.C. and New York is a huge benefit for anyone who loves to take day trips to experience the culture, cuisine, and entertainment these places offer. And to top it off, its world-class healthcare and education system make Maryland a great place to live. 

However, deciding to move to Maryland isn’t the problem—it’s the actual process of moving that can be stressful. Aside from uprooting and starting fresh in a new place, you have to move all your belongings.

If one of the problems you have is moving your vehicle from another state, Guardian Auto Transport has your back. We’ll take care of shipping your car safely so you can focus on your move. 

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