Moving to Connecticut

Are you looking to move to a state with historic importance, beautiful landscaping, and exciting entertainment opportunities? Look no further than Connecticut. Also known as the Constitution State, Connecticut provides its residents with excellent educational opportunities, great healthcare access, and plenty of activities for all ages. 

If you are used to living in a different region of the country, such as the Midwest or the South, moving to Connecticut will be a substantial transition. Here’s all the important information you should consider before making the big leap. 


Connecticut residents should be prepared for anything mother nature might throw at them. This state has four distinct seasons, but the temperature will fluctuate depending upon your distance from the coast. While it’s unlikely to experience extreme heat or below zero temperatures, you’ll want to have your summer clothes and snowshoes ready ahead of time. 

New England is known for experiencing unique winter storms called Nor’Easters. These snowstorms result in large amounts of snowfall and high winds that can disrupt power and travel. Individuals moving to Connecticut can expect an average of 8.8 feet of snow between the months of December through February. 

Connecticut State Relocation Guide

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During the months of May through September, temperatures typically range from 70 to 85 degrees, perfect for relaxing at one of the state’s many beaches. As the season changes from summer to autumn, residents can expect comfortable temperatures and vibrant fall colors.


Connecticut has the 4th highest property tax rates in the United States. On average, Fairfield County has the lowest tax rates (1.75%) and New Haven County has the highest (2.33%). Both of these rates are well above the national average (1.07%). 

Unlike most states which allow their counties to set taxes, Connecticut taxes are determined independently by their cities and towns. Therefore, these rates will fluctuate even if you relocate to a new town within the same county. 

Connecticut State Relocation Guide

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Connecticut homeowners can expect to pay a yearly average of $5,350 in property taxes. This is nearly double the national average of property taxes. Looking at the lowest rated tax county, Fairfield homeowners are estimated to pay around $1,000 less than the state average. 

The sales tax rate for Connecticut is 6.35%. This rate falls within the mid-range of the national average ranking at #33. They do not have any local sales tax rate. For one week a year, Connecticut promotes “Tax Free Week” where clothing items are free of sales taxes. This typically occurs in August before local schools are back in session. 

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Connecticut is higher than the national average. A score of 100 is the national average for the United States. Every category (with the exception of healthcare costs at 97.7) was rated above the US average. 

Connecticut State Relocation Guide

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The median home value drastically varies between different counties within Connecticut. 

For example, Fairfield County has the highest home values averaging at $422,300 a home whereas Windham county has the cheapest home values averaging at $198,000. Additionally, Windham County has the second-lowest property tax rate making it the most cost-efficient county in Connecticut. 

Connecticut State Relocation Guide

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The national average salary in the United States is $66,665/year. Connecticut falls below the national average with salary wages approximating around $60,416/year or $29.05/hour

Currently, the state’s minimum wage is $13/hour. State government officials have mandated a minimum wage increase to $15/hour by summer 2023.

Connecticut State Relocation Guide

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Considering the high cost of living and property taxes, it will be important for you to assess your finances before moving to Connecticut. 


Connecticut is highly rated for its overall healthcare, ranking third in the United States. Patient access and quality of healthcare are rated third and 16th respectively. Connecticut’s public health placed fifth on the national scale. 

Connecticut State Relocation Guide

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Only two companies offer state health insurance: Anthem BlueCross BlueShield and ConnectiCare. The cheapest health insurance option is ConnectiCare. As of 2020, Connecticut ceased purchasing short-term health care coverage options. 

HUSKY, the state’s Medicaid program, offers full coverage for single individuals earning less than $17,774/year. Connecticut offers additional HUSKY plans for people with disabilities, families, and women who are expecting. 


For individuals who are looking to relocate with their family, Connecticut offers great education services. Connecticut ranks third in the country for their Pre-K to grade 12 education and places sixth overall. 

Connecticut State Relocation Guide

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Connecticut has a wide variety of technical high schools where students can study specialized career programs such as vocational agriculture, informational technology, STEM, automotive repair, architecture, construction, and more. Attending technical high schools can help students as they begin their careers or apply for college, making them more competitive on the job market. 

While Connecticut received a low score on its quality of higher education, there are still great options for prospective college students. The University of Connecticut (UCONN), well known for its men and women basketball teams, ranked #63 on a national scale. Notably, the city of New Haven, Connecticut is home to ivy league school Yale University (#5) and Southern Connecticut State University (#103).

Additionally, Connecticut has highly rated liberal arts colleges including Wesleyan University (#17), Trinity College (#46), and Connecticut College (#50). 

Notable Highlights

Small but mighty, Connecticut has established a reputation for beautiful geography, historical sites, and entertainment for all ages. The perks don’t stop there either, given the state’s small size, residents have easy access by Amtrak train to New York City and Boston. 

The capital city of Hartford offers guided tours of the Mark Twain house, a landmark tourist attraction for visitors. This beautiful and historic house was where the famed writer penned The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Literature fans, history buffs, and architecture fanatics alike will love visiting this staple attraction. 

Connecticut is home to two famous casinos, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casino. Both are known for their expansive shopping centers, gambling machines, and concert venues. Many renowned musical artists have graced the stage in these casino arenas. 

And if you’re looking for entertainment for the whole family, Lake Compounce amusement park is the home to the fourth-highest rated wooden roller coaster. Located in Bristol, Connecticut, Lake Compounce has thrilling attractions for the whole family to enjoy. 

Additionally, the village of Mystic, Connecticut has a plethora of exciting activities for those who enjoy learning about aquatic creatures and life on the sea. Mystic Seaport Museum, one of the largest maritime museums in America, offers extensive historical information about maritime life and tours of an old-fashioned shipyard. And for those who want to explore marine life, visiting Mystic Aquarium will provide a close-up look at sea creatures. 

An outdoorsy Connecticut resident may enjoy visiting Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam where they can explore various hiking trails and tour a century-old stonework castle. Gillette Castle State Park isn’t the only Connecticut park with these features; Hubbard Park (Meriden, Connecticut) and Tarrywile Park (Danbury, Connecticut) are two examples of state parks that also have hiking trails leading to aged stone structures.

The best part about moving to Connecticut? You’ll never be bored!

Best Places to Live

Before looking at the top five places to live, let’s talk about preparing your move to Connecticut. Connecticut was one of the first states to legalize gay marriage, therefore, new residents can expect most Connecticut natives to be inclusive of individuals with various lifestyles and gender identities. 

Moving can be a big hassle for anyone, especially those relocating to a new state. Here are a few tips to make your move as painless as possible: 

  • Lighten your load – Look through your possessions and determine what pieces you can part with and which items you can’t live without. 
  • Designate a spot for essentials – Don’t pack away your important documents in an unknown box. Keep them in a safe, secure place where you can easily access them at any time during your move. 
  • Pack wisely – Boxes can shift and slide during transport. Wrap your fragile items, label boxes, and place them safely for travel. 
  • Transport your car – If you have a car, consider shipping your vehicle to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. 

West Hartford

West Hartford is a town within Hartford County with a population of 63,063 that provides a dense suburban feel for its residents. The town is known for its posh shopping areas like Blue Back Square and the Westfarms Mall. Its location in central Connecticut provides residents easy access to explore the state and others adjoining. 


Weatogue is a tiny village within the town of Simsbury. With a small population of 2,738 residents, Weatogue offers a unique rural area that sets it apart from other locations in Connecticut. This village ranked first for Best Places to Raise a Family in Hartford County.


If you’re hoping to reside in a suburban area with a multitude of dining experiences, small coffee shops, and beautiful landscapes, Avon is the place for you. Located within the Talcott Mountain and near the Connecticut River Valley, residents can expect to traverse part of the mountain range or next to the river bank when entering or exiting the town. 


Located in Hartford County, Simsbury is a suburban town with a population of 24,799. Similar to other highly rated towns, Simsbury offers an abundance of restaurants and shopping centers to experience. Notably, Simsbury has a highly rated school district. 


Westport is a beautiful town located near the sandy shores of coastal Connecticut. Westport offers easy access to the Long Island Sound, perfect for individuals interested in marine biology. It’s important to note the housing costs in Westport are steep with a whopping $1.1 million average. 


The state of Connecticut is a staple in US history, abundant with exciting opportunities and excellent educational services. Individuals moving to Connecticut will experience all four seasons across the beautiful landscape and have access to great healthcare. 

However, the state has one of the highest property taxes in America and holds an above US average cost of living. Salary wages are less than the national average. 

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