Enclosed Shipping for Luxury and Exotic Cars

When looking to ship your luxury or exotic car, we highly recommend you choose to ship it on an enclosed trailer. There are two types of enclosed trailers you can choose from to fit your shipping needs. While enclosed transport is going to be more expensive than open-air vehicle transport, enclosed offers the most protection for your valuable car during the transportation process.

Soft-Side Enclosed Trailers

A soft-side enclosed trailer is similar to a regular open-air trailer except it is completely closed off with a heavy canvas. This protects your car from outside elements like weather and debris hitting your car. For most new luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi, we recommend a soft-side enclosed trailer. This is how they are typically transported to car dealerships and offer more protection compared to an open-air trailer.

Hard-Side Enclosed Trailers

A hard-side enclosed trailer provides the highest level of protection for your vehicle during transportation. Unlike soft-side enclosed trailers, hard-side enclosed trailers are 100% air-tight to protect against all outside elements. This added protection is why most people will choose to ship their exotic cars in hard-side enclosed trailers. Another common feature with hard-side enclosed is a lift gate. This is needed for high-end sports cars and low-slung exotics due to the low ground clearance. Cars like Ferrari, Mclaren, Aston Martin, etc typically have a 3-5 inch ground clearance.

Safety Assured

With professional carriers dedicated to enclosed transportation for luxury and exotic cars, there’s no need to worry. The drivers take safety precautions like wearing no jewelry or belts to prevent any scratches to the car during the inspection and while loading and unloading your car. Here at Guardian Auto Transport we only work the top tenth percentile of carriers in the auto transportation industry to ensure we provide you with the best customer experience.

Choose Guardian

Here at Guardian Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on our customer’s experience. We prioritize quality and customer experience over everything else. We do this by having excellent communication with our customers every step of the way during the transportation process. By choosing Guardian you are choosing to ship your car with peace of mind while receiving the best experience in the industry.

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