Open vs. Enclosed Transport Services

Here you are, looking for auto transportation services, probably wondering what the difference between open and enclosed transport is. Well, I’m glad you asked.

Open Air Auto Trailers

An open air trailer is the cheaper of the two methods of transportation. Although both are considered very safe, open air transportation is more convenient. They allow, on average, 6 or 7 cars to be transported at the same time. The more cars the carrier is taking at the same time, the cheaper the price of transit will actually be. Less gas is used in the long run with open trailers. If you’re an active environmentalist, open trailers might be best for your auto transport needs.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed carriers are trucks with solid walls, possibly even lined with foam to keep your car safe during transport. Unlike open air trailers, enclosed trailers load cars onto the trailer instead of driving the vehicle on-board. Enclosed carriers tend to be about double the price of open carriers. We usually recommend enclosed transportation for cars with a value of $75,000 and higher.


Given the fact that expensive cars usually travel enclosed, insurance adjusts accordingly. Open air carries offer up to $100,000 coverage on vehicles in transit. Enclosed trailers on the other hand offer insurance at a minimum of $100,000. You might even want to call your insurance company and let them know your car is being transported. Some insurance companies offer insurance during transit as well. For more information on insurance during transit, click here.

How To Decide

Still not sure between the two? If you haven’t already decided, you might want to go with enclosed. Being on the fence for a decision like this probably means you have a valuable car. If you’re worried about dirt or debris hitting your vehicle, open air trailers are most likely not for your vehicle. Although a little dirt or rain won’t hurt your vehicle, some vehicles have a sensitive coat of paint that could potentially be damaged during long distance transits. If you want to simply go with open air trailers, try a car cover. They help protect vehicles against dirt and rain during transport. Visit to browse for awesome car covers.

If you have any questions or want to submit a free quote with Guardian Auto Transport for an enclosed trailer, click here!