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If you need to transport your car to Washington, you’ll want to work with one of the best car shipping companies in the United States.

We work everywhere in Washington state, including:
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When you can’t drive your car, then you have to ship it. But, if you’re like many people, the idea of entrusting your vehicle to someone else is the last thing you want to do. From exterior damage to the time frame you need your car to arrive within, there’s a lot to worry about.

That’s why it’s important to work with a reliable Washington auto transport company with excellent communication—but finding one at just the right price can be a challenge.

There is good news: If you’re looking for auto shipping services that you can trust, you don’t have to look any further. With flawless customer service, Guardian Auto Transport services is one of the nation’s leading companies in the industry.

The best part is that our process is simple, and our pristine reputation should tell you just how satisfied our 68 thousand (and 28 thousand returning) customers are. Plus, we’re also entrusted by the biggest names in the industry, including Tesla, Mercedes, and BMW.

At Guardian, ensuring our customers are happy is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we’re considered one of the leading auto transport companies in the United States, and also why we’re constantly working to provide top-notch customer service by adhering to the three core pillars in our business: 

  • Guardian always provides excellent communication throughout the entire shipping process. This includes text and email updates as your car is on its journey to Washington. And if you have any questions, then you can contact one of our shipping agents anytime, any day. 
  • Guardian ensures that the process is simple. All you have to worry about is choosing a pickup time and date that works best for you, and Guardian will handle the rest. No need to think about the logistics or extra costs (because there aren’t any).
  • Our Guardian agents are experts at providing proactive service to our customers. We know that sometimes life gets in the way and change happens, which is why our shipping agents and truck driver will always work with you to find a solution in case the unexpected happens. 

These key benefits are what make Guardian one of the leading car shipping services companies in the auto transport industry. But we also guarantee door-to-door service and full insurance coverage for your vehicle shipment. The best part? There are never any hidden fees. 

So, whether you need to get your vehicle to surrounding areas, Seattle, Washington’s largest city, or transport your car to the coast, Guardian has got you covered.

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Shipping a Car To or
From Washington to Fit Your Needs.

Guardian has your back when it comes to WA auto transport services. We help a variety of people and businesses, including:

First, you’ll want to get an instant quote, or speak to
one of our friendly shipping representatives.


Get an Instant Quote or call to speak to a shipping agent

Getting an instant quote on how much it’ll cost to ship your car to or from Washington is easy. We’ll ask for some necessary information, like:

  • Your name, email, and pickup address
  • Where you’re sending to
  • Your car’s make and model
  • Whether or not it is operable
  • Your vehicle pickup availability
  • If you want enclosed or open shipping

After this, we’ll email you an auto transport quote. We offer competitive prices, so what you see is the best you’ll get! From the link in your email, you’ll click to follow through to set up a pickup date that works for you as well as the transportation type you’ll need.

After this, we’ll email you a quote. We offer competitive quotes, with industry-leading customer service! Once you have your auto transport quote, you can book directly online or call to discuss your specific shipping needs with a friendly shipping agent. We understand every customer’s shipping needs are unique, so the most important thing for us to provide the service you expect when placing your order.


Guardian Picks Up Your Car

Whether it’s your driveway or a public meeting place, one of our trusted and vetted drivers will pick up your car at your chosen date and time. Before loading the vehicle, our driver will conduct a 22-point inspection, which includes checking:

  • Dents, dings, or damages
  • Brakes
  • Headlights
  • Windshield wipers
  • Wheels and tires
  • Interior malfunction and service lights
  • and more

The inspection is to ensure that your car is in the same shape upon arrival of the destination. The details will be recorded on an official inspection called the Bill of Lading. Then, the driver will load and ship the car to or from Washington.


WA Car Hauling Services

We know that you’re busy with other things in life, but one thing we don’t want you to worry about is the status of your vehicle. That’s why our agents and driver will stay in contact with you throughout the shipping process.

Our team will also call you within a day to let you know when to expect delivery. Depending on the driver’s schedule, we will set up a window for pickup to make sure you or your pickup contact is prepared to receive the vehicle.


Safe and Timely Delivery

When our trusted driver delivers your car, they will conduct another 22-point inspection. This is to double-check that your vehicle is in the same condition it was in upon pickup. Only when you look over the Bill of Lading and approve the inspection will you have to pay for the original quoted cost.

Select from Our
Transportation Options

At Guardian, we offer three types of WA auto hauling services options: open, enclosed, and expedited. If you’re unsure which one is right for your car, one of our agents can help you choose the right one depending on your preferences and vehicle type.

Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport is when your car is shipped in an open auto transport carrier. This is ideal for non-luxury vehicles or those searching for a more cost-effective option but still want the significant benefits, such as full insurance coverage, door-to-door service, and no cancellation fees.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto carrier transport is perfect for those shipping luxury cars, new cars from a dealership, and classic car enthusiasts. Our enclosed carrier will protect your vehicle from the elements so that it’s safe during its whole transportation. With total vehicle protection, you’ll also receive the benefits of full insurance coverage, door-to-door service, and no cancellation fees.

Expedited Auto Transport

Expedited Auto Transport

Need your car in a hurry? With expedited auto transport service, you only have to wait between 24 and 48 hours for your car to be picked up to or from Washington—no matter where we’re picking it up from. We also offered guaranteed pickup options and storage options if needed so that it’s ready when you are.

What’s Included
During Transporting?

What makes Guardian stand out among the other Washington car shipping companies is that we offer the most reliable coverage and customer service. No matter the type of transportation you choose, you can expect these services:

  • Complete insurance coverage
  • Dedicated agents
  • No upfront payment
  • 27k carrier network

The best part? All of these are included in your instant quote. With Guardian, you can always expect safe transport, constant communication with our agents, and a smooth experience.

WA Car Transport Services

Washington is home to all walks of life, from urbanites in Seattle, WA to outdoorsmen in the eastern part of the state, to visitors at Spokane Valley, Washington, and everything in between.

No matter where you’re headed in the Evergreen State, Guardian can help get your car there with ease. We’ve perfected the state-to-state auto transport process, which means that you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands. 

If you need to get your car to or from Washington, then it’s time to see what Guardian can do for you. All you have to do is request your free instant quote and, if everything looks good to you, our vehicle shipping services experts will handle the rest. 

There’s never been an easier way to ship your car than with Guardian, so get your Washington car transport free quote today!

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