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With 19.8 million residents in the Alamo City, San Antonio is the seventh-largest city in the U.S.

This Texas city is increasingly popular: It has affordable housing, low taxes, and many job opportunities. But unfortunately, traveling around San Antonio using public transportation can be slow and is oftentimes inconvenient. 

For example, a person using public transport in San Antonio can only access 10% of nearby job opportunities. Not to mention that the wait times for public transport are also long where most commuters wait for an average of over 20 minutes for their buses. 

Having a car in San Antonio is not a luxury—but a necessity. So if you’re moving to San Antonio, consider auto shipping services to move your vehicle from wherever you may be. 

Guardian Auto Transport offers reliable and safe vehicle shipping across the country. We have an experienced team who prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction, so you can relax knowing that your car is in good hands with us.

Who Needs San Antonio Auto Transport?

Although driving your own car is always an option, sometimes it’s not the easiest or the best option. You may think you’re saving money, but the reality is that the burden of ensuring your car gets to San Antonio without any issues can add extra stress to your journey. Whether you’re moving, shipping, or participating in a car show, you probably need car shopping services in San Antonio.


Families Relocating to San Antonio

Moving your family from one place to another is difficult: Between packing your belongings, finding a relocation company, and finding a place to live in San Antonio, car shipping is the last thing you want to deal with. 

You can have a family member or friend drive your vehicle to San Antonio, but the wear and tear on the car will be noticeable. Auto shipping in San Antonio makes the process easy.

Companies like Guardian Auto Transport specialize in shipping any vehicle for relocating families anywhere in the country. 

With us, you can have peace of mind so you can focus on what’s most important: Your move.


Car Dealerships

High-volume car shipping is always a challenge to keep up with – and safety is always crucial. Doing it right means success for your car dealership. Get it wrong, and you can lose valuable inventory. 

That’s why it’s best to trust your auto shipping needs to experienced companies like Guardian Auto Transport.

We understand your needs and offer inventory and claims management, easy billing, and excellent customer service, along with affordable pricing and no hidden fees.


Owners of Vintage and Classic Cars

Classic and vintage cars are more than just beautiful – they’re an important representation of a specific time in technology. 

That’s why you want the utmost care when it comes to your vintage vehicles, but shipping them to San Antonio poses its own set of risks. Any damage to a classic car is costly, so shipping it safely is crucial.

Guardian specializes in shipping classic and exotic cars to San Antonio. We offer convenience, safety, and reliability, so your exotic car is well-protected throughout its entire journey until the second it’s safely delivered to your door.


Electric Car Owners

Electric cars look similar to standard commercial vehicles – but because of their lithium-ion batteries, they’re a lot heavier. Because of this, the U.S government placed additional shipping regulations on them.

Shipping lithium-ion batteries are potentially hazardous, which means that they should be handled with care. In fact, the presence of the battery has earned electric cars the designation of “dangerous goods,” meaning that car shipping companies must adhere to government requirements.

The good news is that Guardian is well-versed in all regulations for electric cars and will ensure they get to San Antonio safely and efficiently, no matter which method of transportation you choose.


Companies in the Relocation Industry

When moving companies work with customers, there’s no question that arranging to ship a vehicle on top of a move is a huge responsibility.

That’s where auto transport companies come in: At Guardian, we work with a variety of relocation companies that are busy helping their customers move from Point A to Point B. th

The best part is that Guardian’s agents work with relocation companies to provide a quick, no-obligation quote and take care of the entire process of shipping a vehicle.

San Antonio Car Shipping Methods

There are many car shipping companies offering services for San Antonio, Texas with different shipping methods. Some are more affordable and some more exclusive – but at the end of the day, it all depends on your needs.

Guardian Auto Transport offers three standard car shipping methods that you can choose to get your car to San Antonio, Texas, and everywhere else in the country. Here’s how to choose between open, enclosed, and expedited shipping.

Open Carrier Auto Transport

Open Carrier Auto Transport

Open carrier transport is one of the most affordable options for getting your car to San Antonio. This method uses an open-air truck that loads up to a dozen cars and quickly ships them to their destination.
Because of the high demand for this less expensive option, open carriers are abundant throughout the United States, meaning that you’ll have flexible shipping dates so you can get your car delivered in no time.
Because the open air and elements can damage your car, you should minimize the time the car is exposed to them. That’s why, in most cases, open carrier transport is best for short-distance car shipping, such as shipping your vehicle from Bexar County to San Antonio.

Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport

Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport

Enclosed shipping is an excellent car shipping method for those looking to ship their vehicle with ultimate safety and protection from the elements.
With enclosed trailers, cars are protected 360-degrees to ensure that even the worst weather won’t touch your precious cargo. That’s why enclosed car shipping is a great method for long-distance shipping, like shipping a car from San Diego, San Francisco, or New Mexico to San Antonio.
Enclosed shipping is more expensive than open carrier options – but oftentimes, it’s a worthy investment, especially for those who have luxury cars, new cars, or vintage cars.

Expedited Carrier Auto Transport

Expedited Carrier Auto Transport

Although some people can wait for standard delivery, there are instances in which you may need your car as soon as possible. For example, maybe you’re starting a new job or participating in a car show. Whatever the reason, this is where expedited shipping comes in.
With expedited car shipping in San Antonio, you will get your car delivered much quicker than you would with typical carrier options. It’s one of the most exclusive car shipping methods and, as such, the most expensive one – but it’s an essential option for those who need their car right away.

Choosing a San Antonio Car Transport Company

No matter where you’re coming from, having your car shipped to San Antonio, TX, can feel like a major project. But that’s exactly why you want to choose a trustworthy company – but you need to know what to look for first.

Ask About National Coverage

Many companies provide services in a few zip codes, major cities, and the fastest-growing cities. Few offer national coverage, allowing you to ship cars to San Antonio, TX from anywhere in the country.

When evaluating a company, ask about their coverage and which areas they service. Choose the company with the broadest national coverage, preferably one like Guardian Auto Transport, that works from coast-to-coast and everywhere in between.

Safety Should Be a Priority

Whether it’s a used or new car, you want to ship your precious cargo without the possibility of damage. Safety should be a priority for any car shipping company, so be sure to ask about their measures when you’re browsing for professionals. 

For example, at Guardian, our drivers perform a 22-point security inspection before picking up the car and at the drop-off point, ensuring your car has not been damaged and is in the same condition as it was upon pickup. 

The best part? If any damage is incurred, we provide coverage for up to $100,000.

Ask for Insurance Coverage

If your car is accidentally damaged during shipping, many companies expect you to pay for repairs. At Guardian, that’s simply unacceptable. 

When choosing a company to ship cars to San Antonio or the San Antonio area, ask about insurance coverage. Just like healthcare insurance, car shipping insurance will help you if your car is damaged on the road.

Guardian understands the risks of short- and long-distance shipping, so every car we ship has full vehicle protection for its exterior for up to $100,000.

Find Reviews and Referrals

Great service is recognized in all industries – and the car shipping industry is no different. 

Companies offering high-quality service should have good reviews and referrals from others. Take a look at Guardian’s reviews: There, you’ll see new and returning customers that are pleased with our reliability, trustworthiness, safety, and efficiency. 

Be sure to also check out review websites that can’t be changed by the company owner, like Google Reviews and Yelp.

Car Shipping Services Should Be Affordable

The cost of car shipping services in San Antonio, TX, depends on the type of car you have, its current condition, the shipping method you choose, the distance of shipping, and seasonal fluctuations. A good San Antonio car shipping company will offer reasonable prices with no hidden fees or last-minute extra costs.

Consider Communication Methods

Whether shipping your car to San Antonio, Texas (or simply around the San Antonio area), you should always get communication updates. Not only does this offer you peace of mind, but it also gives you a good time frame of when to expect delivery. 

At Guardian, we pride ourselves on excellent customer communication. Before, during, and after, our agents are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns and will keep you informed on the status of your car shipment so you know exactly when to expect its arrival.

Recognizing Scams for San Antonio Car Shipping

The auto shipping business is full of companies offering standard services to ship vehicles in San Antonio, TX, and beyond. Many of them are legitimate, but there is unfortunately always a chance of scam and fraud. If you’re researching San Antonio car shipping companies, know how to spot a company trying to scam you: 

  • They offer you a lower, heavily discounted price than any other company
  • You can’t find any reviews about their service or reviews that you can verify
  • The website is not user-friendly or seems outdated
  • A web search has few results for the company, and you can’t access their history in business
  • The company is pushing too hard to close the deal and get you to pay them

Oftentimes if it seems too good to be true, it is – so if you come across a company that does any of these things, don’t sign any documents or pay a cent!

How Guardian Auto Transport Works

With extensive experience as a car shipping company, we pride ourselves on offering excellent service for the best price, whether it’s in San Antonio, the surrounding area, or anywhere in the country.

When you decide to book a shipment with us, here’s what you can expect:

  • Get an Online Quote. Get a free instant quote online or speak with one of our agents. The quote will be accurate down to the last penny with no hidden fees. 
  • Wait for Pickup. After you’ve booked a date, your experienced truck driver arrives at the provided address, inspects the car according to our security standards, and loads it into the carrier of your choice.
  • Prepare for Delivery. Our agents will keep you informed on the status of your shipment throughout its entire journey. You’ll also get an update before your car is delivered so you know when to expect it. 

Inspect Your Vehicle. The truck driver performs our standard 22-point safety inspection to make sure the car is still in perfect shape and hands it off to you.

Ready for a Free Auto Transport Quote?

Whether you’re moving to San Antonio or just need to get your car to the surrounding area, Guardian Auto Transport guarantees impeccable car shipping services for San Antonio and beyond. 

We can ship your car anywhere in the country with full national coverage safely and efficiently. Our expert truck drivers have your car delivered to your door, and our agents keep you updated at all times.

There’s no reason not to work with Guardian today: With ease, we take the stress out of car shipment and you get the peace of mind you need, so get your instant quote today.

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