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With 2.3 million people, Houston is the fourth largest city in the country. It is home to numerous industries, endless entertainment, and attractive job opportunities.

Unfortunately, public transport is slow: There is a lack of transit vehicles with only 1.3 vehicles per square mile. That’s an unusually low availability in such a huge city. 

So, whether you’re moving to Houston or just need to get your car there, it might be best to use car transport services for the easiest and most efficient journey. 

Guardian Auto Transport is considered one of the best shipping companies in the country, offering quick, reliable, and safe transport to Houston and everywhere else nationwide.

Who Needs Houston Auto Shipping?

Auto transport is a great service for anyone who needs a way to get their car to Houston, TX when driving isn’t an option. Whether you’re in the process of moving, running a car business, or just need to get a vehicle from Point A to Point B, auto transport to Houston can save you the time, money, and car damage like wear and tear – and here’s how:


Families Moving to Houston

Moving is one of the biggest stressors for families – even surpassing the stress of divorce!

When moving, you have to pack your entire life into boxes, hire a moving company, and of course, figure out how you’re getting all your possessions to your new home in Houston. When you add moving the car on top of that, it can become too much stress.

At Guardian Auto Transport, we help families moving from any town, city, or state move their cars quickly and safely. You can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands so that you’ll have the peace of mind to deal with everything else you have to do before moving.


Houston Auto Dealers

Car dealers in Houston need to get their cars to their dealerships. Whether it’s just one showroom car or a specific request for a soon-to-be satisfied customer, car shipping can help dealers save the time of arranging transportation services themselves.

Guardian specializes in high-volume car shipping, and we work with dealers to understand their needs: We offer inventory and claims management, easy billing, and round-the-clock customer service at an affordable price with no hidden fees.


Classic Car Owners

Classic cars aren’t about speed – they’re about craftsmanship. In Houston, you can participate in car shows hosted nearby or drive them around the city for a great ride with other like-minded people. 

But you don’t want your investment damaged when you have to move them long distances. That’s why car shipping for classic cars is a must.

Guardian Auto Transport ensures safety when shipping classic and vintage cars with enclosed transport options and full insurance coverage so that you can be sure your classic car stays in mint condition, no matter what.


Electric Car Owners

Aside from the fact that electric cars are charged to run, they’re quite different from other vehicles for two distinct reasons: Their lithium-ion batteries make them heavier cargo, and the U.S government has designated those batteries as “dangerous goods” for shipping purposes. 

That’s because lithium-ion batteries are potentially hazardous to ship – therefore, auto transporters must follow specific guidelines and meet requirements to ship electric vehicles. 

Guardian Auto Transport is knowledgeable in all state and federal requirements for shipping electric cars. We have vast experience in the car transport industry and can safely ship your electric vehicle to Houston.


Relocation Companies in Houston

Relocation companies are already up to their heads helping customers navigate moving – so when they ask for car shipping, relocation companies can save a lot of time and effort by partnering with car shipping companies.

Guardian Auto Transport understands that customers always come first, which is why we work with relocation companies to understand their needs and provide tailored services for reliable car shipping from anywhere in the U.S., to Houston, and beyond.

Houston Auto Shipping Methods

Houston is one of the country’s largest cities, so when you search for a car shipping company, the odds are good that you’ll find plenty that offers various car shipping services and methods. 

But it’s best to choose the transportation method that best meets your needs, like your car type, the distance required for shipping, and your budget.

Guardian’s three standard car shipping methods specialize in open auto transport, enclosed auto transport, and expedited auto transport. Here’s what you need to know about each service:

Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport is the quickest and most affordable car transport method where up to a dozen vehicles are loaded into an open carrier and shipped to their destinations in or around Houston.
Open carriers are cheaper than any other transport option because they’re so readily available as the most popular shipping option in the U.S. This option also guarantees more pickup and delivery flexibility!
However, cars are exposed to various elements, whether it’s sun, rain, wind, and snow. This exposure can damage your car on long distances, so we recommend using open car transport for short shipping distances or when you have a tight budget.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed transport is one of the safest methods of shipping your car because vehicles are loaded into an enclosed container on a truck.
Because of the 360-degree coverage, your car won’t be exposed to the elements, pests, or even thieves on its way to Houston, Texas.
An enclosed carrier is perfect for high-value cars like electric or classic cars. But because of this high-value need, enclosed auto transport is one of the more expensive options – but for many, it’s worth keeping their precious cargo safe.

Expedited Auto Transport

Expedited Auto Transport

Whether you don’t want to wait or can’t wait for your car to arrive on a normal shipping schedule, you might want to consider expedited transportation.
If you need your car expedited to Houston for whatever reason, Guardian offers expedited auto transport where we bring your car to your door in a smaller window of time than standard shipping options.
While expedited shipping is the most expensive and exclusive car transport method, you are guaranteed to have your car when you most need it.

Choosing Houston Auto Transport Services

Between finding the best coverage, availability, and of course, the right price, finding a car shipping company that works best for your needs can prove to be a challenge – but luckily, there are just a few main things you can look for to help you determine which company is the best match for you.

Aim for Nationwide Coverage

When picking an auto transport company, one of the first things you want to look for is to be sure they service Houston, TX. 

The second thing you want to look for is whether they’re a nationwide company: Although local companies are great for short distances, nationwide companies provide more pickup and dropoff locations – which, in turn, translates to more flexibility for your needs and cheaper auto transport cost. 

The good news is that Guardian Auto Transport has nationwide coverage, so we can ship your car from anywhere in the country to Houston, TX.

Ask About Safety and Quality Standards

Shipping cars isn’t just about getting a car from one destination to another: It’s also about safety and customer satisfaction.

So when you speak to a company representative, ask detailed questions about the company’s safety measures and steps during the shipping process.

Guardian Auto Transport is fully licensed to provide car shipping services, and we take safety seriously. Our truck drivers contact you during the shipping journey and conduct a 22-point safety inspection at the pickup location and delivery.

Read Client Reviews

When auto transport companies offer good service, their reviews from past customers will show it. So when evaluating a company, read their reviews and pick the one with the most positive customer sentiment.

Our Guardian customers are continuously satisfied with our services – in fact, many are return customers! – and show their support and trust in our services by leaving hundreds of five-star reviews.

Compare Pricing and Aim for Affordability

The cost of door-to-door car shipping in Houston depends on several factors:

  • The type of vehicle you have because larger vehicles may have a higher price
  • The vehicle’s condition 
  • Your preferred shipping method, especially since expedited and enclosed transport is more exclusive.
  • The distance the auto transport company has to drive to ship your car
  • Any seasonal fluctuations in demand
  • The commonality of the route your driver may take

Ultimately, an auto transporter should be fair and affordable – but it’s also essential to be aware of prices that are extremely discounted, because often, what seems too good to be true usually is.

Understand Vehicle Insurance Coverage

No matter how safe the roads may be, there is always a slight risk every time a car gets out on the road. 

So while Houston transport companies take every necessary safety measure, accidents can sometimes be unavoidable – which is why Houston car shipping companies should provide full exterior insurance.

Guardian understands the unexpectedness that just might come with Houston car shipping, which is why we provide fully insured vehicle shipping for up to $100,000 for your car’s exterior.

Look for Good Communication

Great auto shipping companies aim to provide the best experience for their customers – a great experience requires great communication. So before you sign a deal, ask how the company plans to communicate with you during your vehicle’s shipping journey. 

Guardian Auto Transport aims to keep the customer at the center of vehicle shipping, providing white-glove service at every step. We maintain close communication with customers, notifying you via text or call during shipping, so you know exactly when you’re getting your car delivered.

Avoiding Fraud in Houston Auto Transport Services

The car transport industry is full of companies offering different services – and while most of them are legitimate, there is always the potential for fraud or scams.

Here are a few ways you can detect potential scams from a car transport company:

  • The quote you received from the company is significantly cheaper than any other quote
  • The company’s website is buggy and doesn’t work well
  • You can’t find any verifiable reviews for the company
  • When you do an online search, there are few results for the car transport company, suggesting a short business history
  • The company tries to rush you into signing a deal or paying an up-front deposit

If you notice these signs in a car shipping company, avoid speaking to them and consider reporting them to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

How Guardian Auto Transport Works

Guardian Auto Transport provides fast, reliable, and safe Houston car shipping. We prioritize your circumstances – that’s why we created a customer-centered process that puts your needs first.

Here’s how our simple, four-step process works:

  • Get Your Free Online Quote. Start your Houston car shipping process by filling out our easy-to-use online form or calling one of our agents for a free instant quote with no obligation.
  • Wait for Pickup. Meet your experienced driver at your door, get a full inspection of your car, and watch it get loaded into the carrier of your choice and make its way to Houston.
  • Prepare for Delivery. Stay in constant communication with your assigned agent and truck driver so that you can get updates about the status of your vehicle’s location and expected delivery time. 
  • Inspect Your Vehicle. With door-to-door transport, your car will be delivered to your preferred address with a second and final 22-point inspection report.

It’s as easy as that!

Ready for Houston Auto Shipping Services?

There’s a reason why Guardian Auto Transport is among the best auto transport companies in Houston: Our company specializes in nationwide car shipping with excellent customer service and safety as a priority. 

We give you peace of mind by providing door-to-door auto transportation services from any town, city, or state in open or enclosed carriers and expedited service.

Starting with our services is easy – all you have to do is get your free quote, and our agents will handle the rest.

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