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Los Angeles, California is a sprawling metropolitan area in Southern California with more than 3.89 million people. Professionals and families of all ages live and work in this bustling town, commuting daily to their workplaces and endless entertainment within the famous City of Angels.

On an average day, more than 56% of people in L.A. who use public transport spend more than 2 hours on trains, buses, and rails – and almost all of these commuters have to wait more than 20 minutes for their line of transport to arrive.

L.A. public transportation has become inefficient because so much of a commuter’s day goes to waiting and transferring between lines. Over the past few years, personal auto transport has made more sense for people living in Los Angeles.

Whatever your reason for getting to L.A., consider car transport services to help in bringing your car with you. With Guardian Auto Transport, you get reliable and safe auto transport to Los Angeles, California, or anywhere else in the country.

Who Needs Los Angeles Auto Shipping?

Auto-shipping is a highly beneficial service to quickly get your car to another destination with safety and peace of mind. While everyone could benefit from auto shipping to Los Angeles, some groups might benefit from it the most:


Families Moving to Los Angeles

Families moving to Los Angeles have a lot on their plate, and moving to a new city is never easy. Guardian Auto Transport is one of the top auto transport companies, offering peace of mind to families for personal or commercial vehicles.

Instead of driving your car to Los Angeles and spending valuable time and money, we take the stress out of auto transport, save you the driving time, and ensure your car doesn’t wear down with such a long drive. 

Focus on coordinating with your moving company while we take care of the Los Angeles car shipping duties.


Car Dealership Companies

Car dealers have the challenging job of selling cars, working with buyers, and keeping inventory stocked. 

Auto transport shouldn’t be one of those challenges. Guardian specializes in high-volume car shipping and works with dealers to understand their unique needs. 

We create inventory management, easy billing, claims management, and work around the clock to deliver excellent customer service. This comes at an affordable price, as we offer up-front car shipping costs with no hidden fees.


Classic Car Owners

There’s no question that classic cars are synonymous with excitement and passion. 

So if you have to ship your precious cargo to Los Angeles or the Greater Los Angeles area for fun or even for an auto show – such as the famous Annual European Car Show – Guardian is here for you.

As a vehicle transport company, we specialize in shipping any classic or exotic car from any state to Los Angeles.

We aim to provide you with the utmost convenience, safety, and reliability so your vintage and exotic cars are well-protected and delivered safely to your door. You can choose between various carrying methods, such as open or enclosed auto transport carriers, and get full coverage insurance for your classic car.


Electric Car Owners

There’s a growing demand for electric cars because of their efficiency and eco-friendliness. But if you need to ship an electric car, there are some additional things to consider because they are different from typical gas-run vehicles.

Electric cars have larger batteries, making them heavier. Therefore, not all auto transporters will handle them or may instead require an additional fee. 

There are also additional shipping regulations as electric cars are considered “dangerous goods” because of their hazardous lithium batteries. So it’s essential to look for auto transportation services that consider and can work with the requirements that pertain to battery transport.

Guardian has experience in handling electric cars safely and according to local law. We are knowledgeable in all local, state, and federal shipping regulations, and our transport carriers are well-equipped and durable for electric car weights. 

With us, you don’t have to worry about your electric car: No matter what, we guarantee prompt and safe delivery.


Relocation Companies

Relocation companies have a lot of work on their hands: Helping Los Angeles customers move into or out of the city requires extensive logistics and excellent customer service. 

That’s why we focus on helping you take care of vehicle shipping professionally and safely.

Guardian’s agents will work with relocation companies to provide a quick quoting process. After that, we’ll take care of the auto shipping services, so you can focus on helping your customers.

Auto Transport Methods for Los Angeles, California

Car transport companies have different ways to have your vehicle shipped to Los Angeles. 

For example, you can choose from more affordable and exclusive methods, but the car shipping cost varies depending on the route. It’s typically much more affordable to hire car transporters from major cities to Los Angeles rather than from a rural area.

But Guardian specializes in offering a range of auto transporter services with accurate quotes down to the last dollar – no matter where you’re coming from.

Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport

One of the most affordable options for auto transport is to use an open carrier. Open carriers have a lot more space than enclosed trailers, and since they’re so popular, they’re in abundance across the United States. This means that they travel more often than other carriers so that your vehicle arrives at your doorstep in no time.

While all vehicle transport companies avoid damaging cars in open carriers, it’s important to know that they typically don’t have great protection. That’s why it’s best to use open carriers when you’re shipping a car from a nearby state to Los Angeles to minimize the time your car spends exposed to open desert sun.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed transport is a highly protective vehicle transport method. The cars are situated inside a covered container and are protected from exposure to the elements, pests, thieves, and any other potential damage.

If you have a classic or exotic car, delicate items, or just a car whose value you want to protect, it’s better to opt for the more exclusive enclosed carrier shipping method.

Expedited Auto Transport

Expedited Auto Transport

Whether you’re participating in an exclusive car show or starting a new job in Los Angeles, you need your car as soon as possible.

If this sounds like you, then expedited auto transport should be your go-to method.

Expedited transport allows you to get your car from anywhere in the country to Los Angeles in much less time because your car is automatically prioritized over thousands of others. This vehicle transport method is our most deluxe option – but it is ultimately worth it if you need expedited California shipping.

Choosing a Los Angeles Car Shipping Company

When the time comes that you have to ship your car, you might notice that there are a lot of companies to choose from – so there’s no question that choosing the right one can be a challenge. Luckily, there are just a few things you should keep in mind as you browse for the right car shipping company.

Look for a Nationwide Coverage

While many auto shipping companies are out there, it’s essential to look closely at where they provide their services. 

For example, some companies offer auto transport services throughout the country, while others specialize in shipping within major cities, and some may only ship to certain parts of the country.

Depending on what locations you need auto transport services for, you should choose a company with nationwide coverage, such as Guardian Auto Transport.

Research Safety Measures

Auto-shipping has many intricate details you need to think about – and safety is the main one. Whatever company you are considering, take some time to ask questions about the safety measures

For example, when you ship a car with Guardian, your truck driver does a 22-point inspection of your car at the pick-up location and the destination and then compiles a final inspection report for your and Guardian’s records.

Ask for Referrals or Read Reviews

A great company will have left a mark on its customers’ lives, which is why reviews and referrals can tell you everything you need to know. 

Ask the company you’re considering to share reviews and testimonials from past customers. Honest companies that are proud of their services will be more than happy to share this information with you. 

At Guardian, our clients are all exceptionally satisfied with our services and choose us time and time again for our reliability and trustworthiness.

Understand Insurance Coverage Options

While shipping companies take all the necessary measures to protect the vehicles they carry, they might still endure some damage. That’s why the company you choose should provide insurance options so that they can reimburse you for any damages.

Guardian understands the sometimes unpredictable ways of auto transport, so we provide full vehicle protection for your car’s exterior for up to $100,000.

Count on Prompt and Friendly Communication

Communication is key in auto transport. 

While en route, it’s important to communicate with the provider and driver. After all, you want to make sure your vehicle is safely delivered to your destination and receive notifications if anything happens, such as incidents or delays. 

Guardian Auto Transport takes great care to communicate with customers properly. Our 24/7 agents are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

The best part? You can track your driver during the entirety of the shipping journey.

Don't Break Your Bank

Los Angeles services for shipping a car shouldn’t be expensive. While it’s always good to look for companies that offer a reasonably affordable price, beware of extreme discounts. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. 

Instead, have a realistic outlook on the cost of car shipping. The price of shipping a car to Los Angeles depends on the type of vehicle you have, its condition, shipping method, the distance between the pick-up point and destination, and any seasonal fluctuations in demand.

When you receive your quote, ensure that there are no hidden fees like insurance, taxes, or add-ons you didn’t request. The quote you get should be exactly what you pay, down to the very last penny.

Recognizing Fraud in Auto Shipping Companies

The unfortunate reality is that, because there are so many companies in the auto transport industry, there’s also a lot of potential for scams. The odds are good that you’ll be approached by companies offering you excellent deals that are much cheaper than other companies you’ve spoken to. 

Prices that seem too good to be true should tell you that the company is not charging according to industry standards, and there might be something wrong.

So when choosing a car shipper, there are things you should think about when evaluating whether an auto transport company is scamming you, such as:

  • Extremely low prices that seem borderline unrealistic
  • The company has no reviews or only a few of them that you cannot verify
  • Their website is extremely buggy and/or outdated
  • When you search for them online, you find very few things that point to a long history in business
  • They are trying to rush you into closing a deal

If you sense that a company might be trying to scam you, avoid speaking to them and don’t sign any documents. Instead, take time to flag them to the Better Business Bureau, which will conduct its own investigation into the company’s validity. 

How Los Angeles Auto Transport Works with Guardian Auto Transport

The best thing about working with Guardian Auto Transport is that we meet any car shipping needs you may have. Our extensive experience in the auto industry means that we will help you get any vehicle to Los Angeles from any state, city, or town in the country.

Guardian has you covered whether you’re looking for vehicle shipping within the California area—from San Francisco to Los Angeles and anywhere in between—or for broad, nationwide transport services.

Here’s how our process works:

  • Get an Online Quote. Call us or fill out our easy-to-use online quote form, and an agent will work with you to get you an auto transport quote as soon as possible.
  • Wait for Pickup. Once you’ve set a pick up day, your driver will arrive at the address you provide for pick up and inspect the car before loading it into the truck.
  • Prepare for Delivery. Your driver or agent will be in touch with you to update you about the shipping status and current locations. Before delivery, you’ll receive a text or call – and your vehicle will be at your preferred address in no time.
  • Vehicle Inspection. The driver will perform a final 22-point inspection to ensure the car is in the same condition as upon pickup and then hand it off to you. It’s that easy. 

Ready to Ship Your Car to Los Angeles?

The expert team at Guardian Auto Transport takes great care to ship vehicles to major hubs like Los Angeles. 

With every proper step taken and years of experience driving in the bustling West Coast region, we guarantee that we get your car to you just when you need it. 

So if you’re looking to ship your car to the West Coast, look no further. Guardian provides these services to anyone who needs a nationwide auto transport company to Los Angeles safely and reliably.

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