Tips For Shipping Your Travel Trailer

Whether it be a travel trailer, RV, 5th Wheel, bumper pull, or a motor home, Guardian Auto Transport can ship it! Our Transportation Representatives do an excellent job at keeping you updated on the status of your trailer’s transport. Keep reading for more information regarding trailer transportation.


A flatbed trailer is used for cargo or trailers that do not require enclosure, cannot be loaded or unloaded from a dock, or does not fit within the dimensions of standard truck trailers. A flatbed is designed to allow cranes and forklifts to load goods from all angles. Flatbed trailers also include step decks, double drops, and RGN’s (removable goose necks). Flatbeds are typically 48 feet long and 8 1/2 feet wide. Some may even come with removable goose necks. The dimensions are perfect to ship most RV’s on. Interested in how a flatbed looks? Click here!

Bumper Pull

The most common type of hitch is the bumper pull, also known as a drag or tag-along trailer. The trailers tongue fits over a ball hitch that comes out from the vehicle’s frame at the rear. Chances are, bumper pull transport is going to save you money. The combined weight of a bumper pull trailer and a vehicle typically do not exceed 10,001 LBS. At this weight, the trailers are declared commercial and require special license’s to haul. The cost of these special license’s are pretty high. So, naturally a driver is going to charge more to transport your bumper pull if they need that special license. Looking to purchase a bumper pull? Click here!


Goosenecks are larger than bumper pulls. Given the size difference, a gooseneck is going to be more expensive to transport your travel trailer on. Gooseneck’s are slightly more complex to setup. However, they allow the driver more stability during transit. Since most trucks don’t come with a gooseneck hitch installed, the cost to transport with a gooseneck is going to cost a bit more. Unlike bumper pull trailers, several goosenecks are heavy enough to be classified as commercial transportation, making the price of shipping your travel trailer a bit more expensive.

Fifth Wheel

A fifth wheel refers to a type of RV that provides the same types of benefits of a larger model without being a full-blown house on wheels. A fifth wheel hitch allows the driver to connect cargo attachments to the back of a large vehicle. The fifth wheel mechanism is sturdier and safer, regardless of transport speed. On top of it all, fifth wheel’s are great for big groups. These RV’s range between 20-40 feet. You can accommodate up to 8 people. All you need is the fifth wheel attachment and enough horsepower to pull the RV.

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