Should I Ship My Electric Car?

Electric cars. The future of transportation. With such great MPG, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “why in the world should I ship my electric car?” Well, I’m more than glad you asked.

What Battery Powers My Vehicle?

Have you noticed the weight on a rechargeable battery is heavier than a regular battery? This is because lithium batteries have more compartments for energy storage. With that being said, you can already assume that a battery on an electric car is going to weigh more than a gas-powered vehicles battery. Why does that matter? Many factors influence the price of shipping a vehicle, including weight. The heavier a car weighs, the higher the cost of shipping will be.

Dangers of Lithium Ion Batteries

Because of the high amounts of energy being stored, lithium batteries have a higher chance of bursting into flames. In some cases, laptops have caught fire during flight because of the pressure being applied on the lithium battery. Because of this, many people are concerned with the batteries in their electric vehicles. The oxidizer and fuel for an electric car are stored inside the same battery, making it extremely difficult to extinguish the fires that electric cars start. The temperatures generated by these flames can melt aluminum, causing the batteries to explode. This poses a high risk for drivers when transporting electric cars.


Given the extreme dangers that may come with a fire of an electric car, companies have already started precautions. Tesla Motors and similar companies have been working on a few high tech safety mechanisms. Liquid cooling systems have been adding to electric vehicles to help control over-heating in these batteries. Other techniques include 3 fuse layers, sensors which disconnect the batteries in case of emergence, protection in case of collisions, as well as overcharging protection. For more information regarding the safety of lithium batteries, click here.

Do Electric Cars Cost More To Ship?

No, electric cars do not cost more money to ship. Besides all the precautions electric cars undergo, keep in mind that there is more risk associated with lithium ion batteries. During transport, vehicles do not get turned on. Given the fact that the vehicle does not get turned on, there is no chance that the electric car can catch fire because of the lithium battery. The only possibility of a fire comes from other vehicles on the road that may hit the truck driver’s vehicle. The vehicle is not exposed to much harm, given the fact that the vehicle is secured onto the truck.

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