Shipping Your Vehicle During a PCS

A PCS can be stressful for not only you, but your family. Our team here at Guardian Auto Transport has the utmost respect for our active military men and women, as well as our veterans. During your PCS, Guardian Auto Transport will have your back just like you have had ours. To show our appreciation we offer a military discount and we will take all actions to ensure your vehicle shipping experience is as stress free as possible.

Our Promise

We acknowledge that a PCS requires a lot of packing and planning. Like most Americans, your privately owned vehicle is most likely the second most expensive thing you own. Shipping your vehicle with Guardian Auto Transport ensures your vehicles safety by only working with the top 10% of auto carriers. Doing so creates a smooth transportation and minimizes the margin for error and conflict. Whether your PCS is across state or across the country, we provide open and constant communication throughout the shipping process to help keep your mind at ease.

PCS Vehicle Shipping To Do List

To start, you should meet with your base Transportation Officer (TO). Discussing your PCS with your TO will help you understand all of your options for moving. You also will need to decide whether you want the government to move you or if you want to have a Personal Procured Move (PPM). Each option requires different paperwork so inform your TO which route you plan to take. For more information on how to properly ship your privately owned vehicle, refer to the Defense Transportation Regulation guide here. Further information on how to prepare your vehicle for transportation can be found on our website here.

We Have Your Back

When you speak with one of our shipping agents be sure to let them know you are active military or a veteran so we can give you a military discount. Going through a PCS typically isn’t easy so we work hard to provide a stress free transportation service. We have your back during the shipping process and ensure a stress free shipping service. Our team here at Guardian Auto Transport would like to say thank you and we look forward working with you in the future.

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