Shipping Your Electric Car

Electric cars have been one of the most revolutionary changes to the auto industry. With about one million electric cars on the road, the United States has the second largest population of electric cars. Whether you moving across the country or got a good deal on a Tesla out of state, shipping your electric car is more simple than you may think.

Getting Started

Whether you just bought an electric car or you are moving out state, there are many reasons why you might want to ship your electric car. The first thing you should do when considering to ship your electric car is thoroughly research. Like most people, your car is most likely your second most valuable asset and you want to make sure it is in the right hands. Here at Guardian Auto Transport we only work with the top 10% of carriers to minimize any margin for error. For more information on choosing the right carrier, check out our post here!

Preparing Your Electric Car For Shipping

While there are big differences in electric cars compared to gas operated cars, preparing your electric is not much different. We ask that the exterior of your car is clean so the driver can properly inspect for damages and discrepancies. Also make sure that your car is at least 50% charged so the driver can load and unload your vehicle from the trailer. If you are moving you might want ship items in your vehicle. Per the Department of Transportation you are allowed to ship up to 100 lb’s of cargo with your vehicle. Make sure that the cargo is secured below the window level, in the rear or trunk of the car with nothing behind the driver seat. For further information on preparing your car for shipping click

Cost For Shipping Your Electric Car

When looking for auto shipping for your electric car, don’t get fooled into paying more for having an electric car. When electric cars first started rolling onto the roads, there was concern with the lithium-ion battery. There was a few cases in which electric cars started catching on fire due to overheating. This made carriers stand off or charge you more for shipping an electric car. Many safety improvements have been put in place to prevent this from happening. Companies like Tesla have implemented high tech safety features like liquid cooling and sensors to detach the battery in case of emergencies. Compared to same size non-electric cars, you will pay slightly more due to the weight of electric cars. The large battery and motors in the car add a lot of weight to the car. The weight of your vehicle is a key factor when determining the cost of shipping.

Choose Guardian

If you need to transport your electric car, here at Guardian Auto Transport we ensure a stress free experience. We only work with the top 10% of carriers in the auto transport industry to minimize the margin for error and to ensure open communication. Your electric car is stress free to the environment, and our car shipping service is stress free for you.

If you have any questions or want to submit a free quote with Guardian Auto Transport, click here!