Shipping A Pickup Truck

If you own a pickup truck, you know how much extra everything cost. Gas, oil, check-ups, tires, and gas. So you’re probably wondering, does shipping a pickup truck cost more? Your answer. Yes. The size and weight do in fact influence the price of your auto transport when shipping a pickup truck. How many doors in the cabin, the size of the bed, tires and any additional modifications to your vehicle influence the price when shipping a pickup truck.

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When submitting a quote for your pickup truck, make sure you are descriptive as possible. Some pickup trucks have longer beds than others. If you do not provide accurate dimensions on your truck, it will be very difficult to find a trailer that your pickup can fit onto. The last thing we want is a trailer that can’t accommodate for modifications on your truck at the time of pick up.


The cabin on a truck is the inside space where the driver is seated. There are three kinds of cabins on pickup trucks.

  • Regular Cab: These pickup trucks have 2 doors with a single row seating and may seat one or two passengers.
  • Extended Cab: These pickup trucks have rear seating with three or four doors. The doors that access the rear seats are usually hidden.
  • Crew Cab: These pickup trucks have 4 doors with rear seating. Typically seat 4-5 people. to see what type of pickup truck you have.

Insurance During Auto Transport

If any damage is done to a while shipping a pickup truck, your auto transport company should cover the cost of restoring your pickup truck to its previous condition. However, the terms and amount of coverage provided vary between companies. The auto transport industry requires, under law, that all carriers have liability insurance. Before booking with any auto transport companies, make sure you have read through their insurance policies. Some companies have a waiver in their contract that states they are not responsible for any damages done to your vehicle during transportation.

Wash Your Pickup Truck Before Transport

Make sure the exterior, and interior of your vehicle is clean. When a driver comes to pick up your vehicle, they will be conducting a 22-point inspection on your vehicle. During the inspection, the driver makes sure that any existing damages, scratches, and dents are marked and accounted for. When your vehicle gets delivered to its final destination, the driver will do another inspection on your vehicle. Again, the driver will mark any damages that might have occurred during transport. If the vehicle is not clean before the first inspection, knowing if any damages occurred during transport will be very difficult to tell apart from old ones.

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