How to Ship a Car That You Bought Out of State

When shopping for a new car, you aren’t limited to your local dealerships to make a good purchase. The chances are you’ve probably already starting browsing around online. With many reputable websites that sell new and used cars online, you can buy a car from almost any state. There are plenty of reasons why you might consider buying a car out of state. The next step is figuring out how to ship the car you bought across the country. Fortunately, the process of shipping a car is easier than buying one.

Why Purchase a Car Out of State

There are quite a few reasons why you might want to browse for cars that aren’t in your city or state. One of the biggest influences would be the difference in price. More populated and affluent cities will charge a lot more for cars compared to a smaller city. If you live in a city like Los Angeles you might find yourself browsing for cars in Miami because you can find the car you want at a cheaper price. If price isn’t the biggest factor for you and you are looking for a specific make, model, color or options package that a local car dealership doesn’t have, you might have to buy from a faraway seller. Car dealerships have started to list their inventory of cars online due to the high demand of out of state auto sales. For more information on buying a car out of state click here.

Transporting Your Vehicle

After you purchase your car from a faraway seller you’ll want to arrange transportation. Once the sale is final you should confirm the dates when your car will be available to get picked up. This is so you can book transportation with a carrier. While you might want to pick your new car up and drive it home to get the feel of your new car, there’s plenty of reasons why you should consider having it shipped. Driving your brand new car across the country can put a lot of unnecessary stress on your vehicle. It can also be dangerous to get onto the interstate for a long road trip home driving a car you haven’t driven before. By the end of your trip you’ll end up spending more money on gas, tolls, and lodging. For more information on why you should transport your vehicle long distance, click here.

If you want to calculate the cost of wear and tear when driving your car long distance check out this calculator.

Our Mission

Buying a new or used car is always an exciting experience. Here at Guardian Auto Transport we ensure that your car is in safe hands during transportation. We only work with the top 10% of auto carriers in the industry to minimize any margin for error. When setting up your order for shipping don’t be worried about your car being on an open trailer. Over 95% of vehicles in the auto transport industry get transported on an open-air trailer. It is considered to be very safe and this is how new cars are shipped to car dealerships. Your vehicle is covered by the carriers insurance 100% from the time is loaded on the trailer until the time is unloaded at your front door.

Choose Guardian

Here at Guardian Auto Transport we pride ourselves in our customers experience. We prioritize quality and customer experience over anything else. We do this by having excellent communication with our customers every step of the way during the transportation process. By choosing Guardian you are choosing to ship your car with piece of mind while receiving the best experience in the industry.

By considering the following, you’ll set yourself up for an easy transit. Make sure you’re doing enough research when considering any auto transport company. Read plenty of reviews and customer testimonies.

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