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Philadelphia – the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania – is home to the famous Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and of course, cheesesteaks. As a historical city with a rich sports culture and excellent schools, new residents are flocking to the area, adding to the 1.6 million people that already call this city home.

While living in Philadelphia is an exciting venture, getting around can be difficult. Public transport offers an inefficient solution, with more people commuting at least 2 hours every day and waiting over 20 minutes for their bus or train on average. 

Having a car in Philadelphia becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

Whether you’re moving to Philadelphia or just need to get your car there, save some time and effort and work with an auto shipping company like Guardian Auto Transport. 

Guardian is one of the best vehicle shipping companies in the country where we can take your car from any town, city, or state to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania safely and efficiently.

Who Needs Philadelphia Car Transport Services?

Relying on a car shipping company offers more than just peace of mind: It’s also just easier to do – and for many luxury car owners, it’s the smartest thing to do. Whether you’re relocating to the Philly area or need a brand new car delivered to your customer’s front door, almost everybody can benefit from a car shipping service in one way or another – and here’s why.


Families Relocating to Philadelphia

Moving all your personal belongings to a new city is never an easy task: Between coordinating, organizing, and packing, there’s often too much to think about – and vehicle shipping shouldn’t be adding to your stress. 

That’s why Guardian helps families relocate successfully by providing security and peace of mind while transporting your car. 

Shipping your car also saves you time, money, and the favor of asking a friend or family member to drive for you. When you let a car shipping company handle your vehicle, you have more time to focus on what’s most important: Actually moving.


Car Dealerships

Car dealers can improve their level of service and customer satisfaction by partnering with auto transport companies – so instead of adding vehicle shipping to their list of duties, dealers can outsource that to experienced companies like Guardian Auto Transport.

Guardian specializes in high-volume car shipping with years of expertise working with car dealers to understand their needs. We offer professional inventory and claims management, easy billing, and around-the-clock customer service. 

The best part? All of these services come at an affordable price with no hidden fees.


Owners of Classic Cars

Classic cars are beautiful and powerful machines that remind many of us of simpler days. With custom license plates and precision paints, owners are focused on keeping these cars safe and in perfect condition – especially during shipping.

Guardian helps you ship classic and exotic cars from any place in the United States to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the option of using an enclosed or expedited carrier. This way, you can ensure that your car is safe and protected from the elements, all while being fully insured.


Owners of Electric Cars

Although great for the environment, electric cars pose issues when they’re being shipped compared to standard gas-run vehicles.

Electric cars have large batteries that make them heavier. The government has also designated these batteries as “dangerous goods” due to their hazardous lithium-ion presence, meaning that companies must adhere to specific regulations during shipment. 

Guardian Auto Transport has expert knowledge about shipping electric cars: We are well-versed in all the federal, local, and state requirements and regulations that come with shipping lithium-ion batteries.


Relocation Companies

Just like car dealers, relocation companies have a lot of work on their plates when helping a customer move – but partnering with auto transportation companies can help evenly distribute that work. 

Auto transporters, such as Guardian, take care of shipping cars, while your relocation company works with customers to ensure a smooth move. For a flat price, moving and car transport can be done together through a strategic partnership.

Vehicle Shipping Options for Philadelphia

There are many car shipping methods for Philadelphia – from the most affordable to the most exclusive. Guardian specializes in three main auto transport services, so you can choose the one that works best for you. Here’s what you need to know about our open, enclosed, and expedited auto shipping services.

Open Car Transport

Open Car Transport

Open car shipping is the most affordable and one of the more popular transport options: Up to a dozen vehicles that have relative destinations are securely loaded into an open trailer. And, because of the high demand for open trailers, they’re more abundant throughout the U.S., guaranteeing faster shipping times.
Open carriers are best for shorter-distance shipping because the cars will be exposed to environmental issues like elements and pests. With a shorter distance, there is less chance of damage to the vehicle from the hot sun, heavy rain, or anything in between.

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed containers allow vehicles to be stored inside of a completely covered truck or trailer so they are better protected from exposure to the elements. This method has a higher cost but keeps your vehicle perfectly protected.
In fact, enclosed shipping is our most luxurious option with the opportunity to ensure your precious cargo is enclosed by a 360-degree cover – all while locked securely away from the elements. So if you need to ship a classic car, heavy equipment, or other vehicles for a long distance, then enclosed transport is the right choice.

Expedited Car Transport

Expedited Car Transport

You may need your car as soon as possible because you’re starting a new job in Philadelphia – or, perhaps, you’re participating in a classic car show and need to ensure your precious cargo arrives on time. Whatever the reason, standard car shipping sometimes takes longer than you’d like – so you should choose expedited auto transport for your time-sensitive needs.
Whether you choose enclosed or open transport, expedited shipping allows you to safely get your car at the door in just a few days with it being our number one priority. While this exclusive method is more expensive, it’s oftentimes worth it for those who need their cars right away.

Choosing a Philadelphia Car Shipping Company

Choosing auto transport services can feel like an uphill challenge because when you decide to trust a company with your precious cargo, there are many factors to consider – so here are some of the most important things you should keep in mind when choosing between Philadelphia car transport companies.

Wide Network of Locations

The company you choose to help deliver your car to Philadelphia should also service your area – otherwise, there’s no point in working with them. 

Typically, an experienced company will have wide coverage of locations throughout the United States in order to provide the quickest services possible for their customers.  

Guardian Auto Transport provides door-to-door delivery for vehicles in any town, city, or state, no matter what.

Excellent Safety Policies

Safety is a priority during car shipment to Philadelphia, PA. When evaluating a company, ask detailed questions about their safety policies and gather as much information as possible about their process.  

For example, Guardian has extensive safety policies, including a mandatory 22-point safety inspection at pick-up and delivery. We also carefully adhere to important federal regulations, like hours of service, for our drivers’ safety.

Great Reviews and Referrals

Reviews speak louder than any other promotion, which is why it’s important to find a company with great reviews. Be sure to check the company’s website or major review platforms, like Google Reviews or Yelp. Luckily, Guardian’s customers are always extremely satisfied – and they say so in our reviews!

Affordable with No Hidden Fees

Philadelphia car shipping shouldn’t leave you broke, especially if you need door-to-door transport for popular routes and major cities. So while you should look for fair pricing, don’t get too excited about extreme discounts because you might be getting scammed.

Remember that pricing for car shipping services in Philadelphia, PA depends on a few factors, such as: 

  • The type of car you’re looking to ship 
  • Your chosen shipping method
  • The distance between the two locations
  • Seasonal fluctuations

Honest car shipping companies will take all of these aspects into consideration before offering you a final price – which should be accurate down to the very last penny.

Insurance Coverage in Case of Damage

If you can’t find insurance coverage information on a car shipping company’s website, then odds are that they don’t offer this kind of guarantee. 

But sometimes, even with the best safety measures, the most unpredictable can happen. A company that offers fully insured services understands that safety is important and should strive to give you peace of mind during the shipping journey. 

That’s why Guardian Auto Transport supports customers in any situation by offering full vehicle protection for up to $100,000 in case your car suffers any exterior damage.

Friendly and Consistent Communication

Car shipping relies on trust built by consistent and timely communication. When you trust someone with your car, you want to know its status and when to expect delivery. That’s why you should pick a company that has an excellent track record when it comes to customer service. 

At Guardian, our agents take great care to communicate effectively and efficiently with our customers: Available 24/7, they are quick to provide quotes, answer any questions, and provide updates on delivery via your chosen method of communication.

Spot Auto Shipping Scams in Philadelphia Car Shipping Services

When you’re looking for Philadelphia car shipping, you’ll likely encounter a variety of companies that claim they can all do the same thing – but with entirely different offers. 

Because there are so many companies in the auto transport industry that ship to Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding area, it can be easy to fall into working with a fraudulent company if you’re not sure what to look for. 

There are some tell-tale signs on how to tell whether a company might be scamming you: 

  • The company offers extreme discounts that are much cheaper than other quotes you’ve received
  • Their website is not user-friendly or seems outdated
  • There aren’t reviews or anything else that may suggest the company’s age and experience
  • The representatives try to get you to sign a deal as soon as possible

If you see these signs, then stop taking calls from that company, refuse to sign any documents, and do not send them any type of payment.

How Guardian Auto Transport Works

Guardian Auto Transport works everywhere in the United States – so whether you need to get to Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, New Mexico, or anywhere else, we have you covered. 

But before you get started, you’re probably wondering what you can expect from the shipping process with Guardian. 

The best part is that it’s simple: 

  • Get an Online Quote. Get your free instant online quote or call one of our agents so we can work to get you your 100% accurate, customized quote right away.
  • Wait for Pickup. When you’ve confirmed your pickup date, one of our experienced truck drivers will arrive at your address, perform an initial 22-point safety check, and load the car for shipping.
  • Your Car Arrives. Your agent stays in touch with you during the entire shipping experience and will notify you via text or call when your car is about to arrive.

Inspect Your Vehicle. Before handing off your vehicle to you at your door, the driver will perform a final 22-point safety inspection to ensure that the car is in the same condition as it was upon pickup.

Ready to ship your car to Philadelphia, PA?

Whether they’re luxury cars or recreational vehicles, you need a reliable and professional car shipping company to get your vehicle from Point A to Point B. 

The good news? You don’t have to look any further than Guardian Auto Transport.  

Our team of agents and truck drivers are experts in the field, and we always work hard to ensure that your standard cars, classic cars, electric cars, and family vehicles are delivered safe and sound straight to wherever you may need them in Philadelphia. 

Get your free online quote or give us a call today.

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