How To Ship Your Motorcycle

If you are one of the ten million Americans that own a motorcycle, you might consider having it shipped at some point and time. There are plenty of reasons why you might need to ship your motorcycle. Whether you are moving out of state or buying a motorcycle online, the shipping process is fairly simple.

Where To Start

To begin the shipping process, you will first need to find an auto transportation company. You should find a company that specializes or has experience in shipping motorcycles. Make sure to check the reviews for any company you are considering shipping with. Here at Guardian Auto Transport, we work with dedicated carriers that focus on shipping motorcycles. Another factor is if you want to ship on an open or enclosed trailer. 80 percent of motorcycles are transported on an open trailer. More expensive or novelty motorcycles are recommended to be shipped on an enclosed trailer.

Preparing Your Motorcycle For Transport.

Preparing your motorcycle for transportation is an important step in the shipping process. You’ll want to clean the bike so the driver can notate any pre-existing damages prior to transport. Make sure you remove any personal items and disable alarms so they don’t cause any issues during transport. For more information on how to prepare your motorcycle for transportation click here!

Price For Shipping a Motorcycle 

There are many factors that influence the cost of transportation. Size and weight are the main factor in price, as well as the distance it’s being transported. If you choose to ship on an enclosed trailer it will cost about 40 to 60 percent more than an open trailer. This is because only three percent of carriers in the industry are enclosed, making them harder to schedule and more expensive.

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