How to be a Great Auto Transport Customer

Have you ever shipped a car before? If so, you know how stressful it can be, especially if it’s your only vehicle. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a great auto transport customer during the process.

99% of customers are reasonable people who understand when shipping a vehicle, it takes time, money, and proper logistical coordination. And 99% of the time, the entire shipping process goes smooth, but sometimes, vehicle transportation can hit a bump in the road (literally), and plans may not go as expected. During these times, we ask that you stay responsive and understanding of the situation.

Through my experiences in the auto shipping industry, I’ve seen it all. Most of the time, customers are great and very reasonable people, but there is a small percentage of customers that can end up being a nightmare to work with.

So, how can you avoid being that nightmare of a customer? Read more to find out.

1. “It’s my pleasure”

Being polite gets you far in life. But not everybody understands that. Even if things are going your way, be kind. You can’t put out a fire by fighting it with fire. Remember, auto transport representatives are still working customer service. They are doing their best to meet the needs of your time and budget to ensure a quick and easy shipping process. Many things that customers get upset about aren’t actually in control of the rep as well. The carrier breaking down, late pickup, late delivery, or even damage to a vehicle; these are situations we have no control over. So please, be as polite as you can.

2. Availability

Nowadays, everybody has a smart phone or cellphone, so it shouldn’t necessarily be a struggle to get a hold of you. Make sure to keep yourself available, even if it means just having your phone on you. Our representatives give 110% to keep our customers in the loop whenever changes occur with their order. Being able to reach you, even during odd times, makes it much easier to provide the best auto shipping service. So be available in case we (or the driver) needs to get a hold of you.

3. Flexibility

When things don’t go according to plan, customers get upset. That’s entirely understandable. But when shipping a vehicle, you have to understand that the entire process operates in different gears. Pickup dates, transit times, and delivery dates are all estimated. Drivers can’t account for traffic or mechanical issues. So, being flexible with the shippers will make everybody’s experience better in the long run.

Be flexible, be available, and be polite. Those three things will immediately make your shipment better.

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