How To Avoid Auto Transport Scammers

Auto Transportation should be easy, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it may seem. There are a lot of auto transport companies out there that want your business, and there are some that just want your money. In other words, there are plenty of auto shipping scammers that want to rip you off and take your money. So, how can you avoid them? Keep reading to find out how to avoid auto transport scammers.


When searching for an auto transport company, it is crucial that you check and read plenty of reviews before making a decision. While Google may seems as a trustworthy source, it’s not. It is too easy to fabricate and make fake reviews on Google. All a company has to do is make multiple Google email accounts and boom, they can post “great” reviews for themselves. If you find only good reviews on Google for a company, be careful. 9/10 times these reviews are fake. Yelp, on the other hand, is a very difficult site to fake reviews on and can help you avoid auto transport scammers. They careful inspect and read each and every review that gets posted on their website. If any of the reviews come off as a “red flag”, yelp will take them down immediately.

Make sure you read a company’s reviews on yelp instead of Google. This can save you from headaches and scams.

That’s A Low Price!

Auto transportation companies need to stay competitive with their prices. If you come across an extremely low quote, be careful. While the low price can be attractive, you might be getting sucked into a scam. Always read the fine print. Red flags can include deposits before a driver has been assigned to your vehicle, non-refundable deposits, no insurance for vehicle’s during transit, etc. Avoiding companies with that raise red flags will save you from future hassles, even if the price looks great.

Tip: When shipping your vehicle cross country, chances are the lowest quote just doesn’t cut it. Long-distance have high prices. If you go with the lowest price, you’ll most likely be asked to pay more money than you originally planned. Some companies will even keep your vehicle “hostage” until you pay them more money.

BBB (The Better Business Bureau)

A very trusted source is the BBB. If a company is credited with great work from the BBB, chances are high that you’ll be satisfied with their work from start to finish. Guardian Auto Transport prides themselves with a “Complaint Free Award” from the BBB in 2018. 2019? We aim for the same. If a company has complaints instead of awards, they’ll probably do a terrible job transporting your vehicle.

Avoid Websites That Compare Quotes

NEVER put your information into a website that compares quotes instantly for your vehicle. These websites will sell your information to 10 different auto transport companies for a dollar each. These companies will try and reach out to you 20 times a day, blowing up your phone and driving you insane. They all claim to have “the lowest prices”, but this doesn’t mean they’ll do a good job, or even ship your car.

Click here for an example on what type of websites to avoid.

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