Guidelines: Shipping Personal Items During Transit

Ready to ship your vehicle? So are we! Not sure what to leave or remove from your vehicle before transit? Great question. Here at Guardian Auto Transport, we want our customers to receive the best service possible. Some carriers will tell you that you can ship whatever you want as long as it’s under a certain weight. Other transport companies will tell you flat out “no”. Keep reading on to find out if and how much you can ship inside your vehicle with Guardian Auto.

Our Policies

Yes! Guardian Auto Transport allows cargo and items inside a vehicle during transport. How much and where? Good question. All cargo must be 100 LBS or under, secured and placed in the drunk of the vehicle. If the trunk isn’t accessible, we ask that you store any belongings behind the passengers seat, below the window level. Unfortunately, we do not insure personal items and belongings during transit.

What to Expect When You Choose Guardian Auto Transport

When you choose Guardian Auto Transport, you choose peace of mind.When picking drivers for vehicles, we make sure that the carrier is reliable, trustworthy and easy to work with. Among other credentials, we make sure that our carriers have the highest insurance standard possible. Insurance for vehicles on open trailers are at minimum $100,000. Insurance for vehicles on enclosed trailers go up to $250,000.

How Guardian Auto Transport Can Help

For a smooth auto shipping process, following these guidelines are key. Guardian Auto Transport wants you to have the best shipping experience possible. Our transport representatives work hard to make sure your vehicle is in the best hands possible. Remember, when loading cargo and personal items into your vehicle, choose carefully. Most carriers will charge additional cost if the cargo in the vehicle exceed 100 LBS during transport. Have any more questions about personal items during transport, click here!

If you have any questions or want to submit a free quote with Guardian Auto Transport for your vehicle, click here!