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Although California may be known for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions, the golden state is full of extraordinary vehicles. While the state of California may be a great place to live, it has it’s ups and downs. Whether you are moving from or to California, Guardian Auto Transport can help you move your vehicle safely.

Preparing Your Vehicle

When preparing a vehicle for transportation, consider the following.

Before your vehicle gets picked up, make sure you clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle thoroughly. If your vehicle is going to a car show via a covered trailer, wash, polish, and wax your vehicle. Take detailed photos to document what your car looks like before and after shipment. Before transit, let one of our transportation representatives know if there are any pre-existing damages to your vehicle. Include anything that might interfere with a safe loading, transport, and unloading experience.

Guardian Auto Transport doesn’t cut corners, and neither should you. If you feel your vehicle needs the best possible enclosed shipping, tell us. We can provide you with a hard-sided or soft-sided enclosed trailer.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed carriers are trucks with solid walls, possibly even lined with foam to keep your car safe during transport. We usually recommend enclosed transportation for cars with a value of $75,000 and higher. Enclosed carriers tend to be about double the price of open carriers. Unlike open air trailers, enclosed trailers load cars onto the trailer instead of driving the vehicle on-board. Guardian Auto Transport can provide your vehicle with a single or double holding covered trailer. Although this method of transportation might be a bit more expensive, your vehicle(s) will be the only vehicle(s) on the trailer. We also offer multiple-car enclosed trailers that can range up to 9-10 vehicle per confined trailers.


Given the fact that expensive cars usually travel enclosed, insurance adjusts accordingly. Open air carries offer up to $100,000 coverage on vehicles in transit. Closed car trailers on the other hand offer insurance at a minimum of $100,000. You might even want to call your insurance company and let them know your car is being transported. Some insurance companies offer insurance during transit as well. For more information on insurance during transit, click here.

Classic Car Show’s

California is widely known for its extravagant car shows, especially for classic cars. The classic car culture in California is very diverse, especially in it’s southern regions. Santa Barbara, Monterey, Orange County, and San Diego are very well known for hosting huge classic car shows. If you enjoy showcasing your vehicle in these shows, chances are you want the best possible transportation for your car to these shows. Guardian Auto Transport can transport your car in a multitude of different enclosed trailers. Upon request, Guardian Auto can provide single-transport trailers for exclusivity and peace-of-mind.

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