Classic Cars: Ship Or Trip?

Classic cars. They really don’t make em’ like they use to. That’s why it’s important to keep classic cars in mint condition. Driving a classic down to Florida for the winter may sound like a blast, but that’s not always the case. Every hour spent driving on the highway increases the chances of an accident by 3.4%. Whether it be you or a truck driver transporting your classic car, the danger is present. As I always say, “better in the hands of a professional”. At Guardian Auto Transport, we offer enclosed trailer transportation for classic, exotic, luxury, or any car. Although an enclosed trailer may be a bit more expensive, extreme precautions are taken to keep that beautiful classic car safe during transportation.

Types of Auto Transport Companies

Surprisingly, the auto transport industry has two main types of vehicle transporters. The first of the two are large companies that own multitudes of transport trucks and have plenty of established business records. The other type are independent companies that only have a few trucks in their fleet. Independent companies can usually be accessed through a transport broker. Transport brokers are the middlemen that coordinate business between a customer and an auto transport carrier company.

Enclosed Transportation

Auto transport companies have their own way of protecting vehicles during transport. Some ways included offering different types of open and enclosed trailers. Companies that are less established commonly use open air trailer to transport cars. Typically, enclosed trailers cost more to purchase given they use more material and labor to be manufactured. So, enclosed trailers are not as common as open air trailers because most companies cannot afford to buy and use enclosed trailers. Along with the safety of cars in enclosed trailers, Guardian Auto also insures your vehicle at a minimum of $100,000. Finding a company that does enclosed transportation on your own may be a bit tricky because most carrier companies jump at the opportunity to over charge anyone. Here at Guardian Auto Transport, we know exactly who has the best prices with the best service for classic cars.

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The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers services on their website that allows customers to read auto transport companies safety records, among other pieces of information. Obviously, the first of many steps any car owner should take before choosing an auto transport company is reading the reviews of any potential companies they might use. We highly recommend you choose a company that is registered with both the FMCSA and Department of Transportation (DOT).

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