Best Online Car Buying Sites

Best Online Car Buying Sites

Are you in the market to purchase a new or used vehicle and want the best deal out there? Your Smartphone is the best tool out there to compare prices and purchase your next vehicle.

In the last 5 years more and more consumers are going away from sitting at a dealership and getting the run-around from rude used car dealers.

The new era of car buying is at your fingertips and now you are in charge of what and how you buy. Below are some of our favorite sites to buy from:

Kelley Blue Book

KBB has shifted from just providing car values to providing searches of great vehicles to match your criteria. They will now match you with sellers on different online platforms while considering the value of the vehicle you are looking to purchase.

eBay Motors

Ebay is one of the world leaders in online auto auctions. You do not have to be a dealer to join in on the fun of bidding on a vehicle in a safe environment and knowing what you bidding on. The seller can be asked questions and a test drive could be requested.

True Car

This site lets you get past the pushy salesmen and gives you the price you should be paying for your new vehicle. Do some research and find what you should be spending with the features you are getting.


Carvana is a used car vendor where vehicles must pass a 150-point inspection. Customers have the option to test drive their car for seven days.

Once you purchase, if you’re located across the country, consider shipping your car with a trusted car shipper like Guardian Auto Transport.


CarSense does a bumper to bumper inspection so you get what you are expecting, no surprises. CarSense offers a Lifetime engine guarantees and a quick financing option which mean you can buy with confidence. Your car can be shipped by Guardian Auto Transport safely and securely once you purchase your vehicle!


Their 5-day money-back guarantee makes CarMax worth a second look. They offer a streamlined process, too. That means you get the car you want at a price you’ll understand.

Car Gurus

Car Gurus is a platform for new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. Listings are sorted by the price versus the market value of the vehicle and the seller’s ratings. Car sellers can’t pay to have their listings promoted.

Vroom certifies used cars, with a 126-point inspection before they are listed. Vroom offers free nationwide shipping to your door through top carriers like Guardian Auto Transport, as well as a 7-day or 250-mile test drive to Guaranteed. Making it one of the best places to buy new used cars online.

Now Car

Pizza isn’t the only thing that can be delivered door to door. With Now Car, you can purchase a vehicle from one of their many certified sellers and they partner with companies such as Guardian Auto Transport to get directly to your door safe and secure.

Costco Auto

Costco isn’t only a place that you should go to when you want kitty litter in bulk and great ballpark hotdogs at a great value!

They have one of the largest club only purchase plans for vehicles. You don’t have to worry about them only having certain stock, they carry all makes and models at a lower price and the car of your dreams could be delivered with Guardian Auto Transport


AutoTempest is a new and unique search engine. Providing a similar experience to travel sites searching across multiple platforms and bringing them into an easy to configure interface. It will also allow you to search reviews from professional car magazines, consumer reports, and person customer testimonials.


Being a classic car enthusiast is a great club to be in. Hemmings created a site where you could not only share your beautiful classic cars but you can purchase a wide range of parts for those rare and vintage beauties.

Save your recently purchased classic car from the wear and tear in a drive from the previous owner. Call Guardian Auto and we will set up an enclosed trailer to bring your new classic directly to your garage.