Auto Transport: The Customer, The Broker & The Carrier

As a wrist-watch works through different movements and compartments from different gears, so does auto transport. Just as all parts need to move together for a watch to function, so does auto transport. Right now, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “What’s the difference between a broker and a carrier?”. Keep on reading to find out how a broker and carrier work together to get your vehicle transported.


According to, a broker is “a person who sells or buys goods or assets for others”. In the auto transport industry, a broker’s job is to arrange transportation for a customers vehicle. Guardian Auto Transport, along with every other auto broker, don’t actually have their own trucks or drivers. Keep in mind, anyone you speak to over the phone or online in regards to auto transport is most likely an auto broker. Carriers don’t have their numbers or companies posted on the internet. Only brokers are able to speak directly to carriers and drivers. When you book a shipment with a Guardian Auto Transport, our transport reps go to work immediately.

Finding a driver or carrier can be pretty difficult. Drivers try to avoid pick ups or deliveries that are located far away from major cities. Luckily, auto brokers have a selection of drivers that do odd routes. So, a route that might be difficult for your average Joe might actually be easy for an experienced auto broker. Guardian Auto Transport chooses only the highest-vetted drivers in the auto transport industry. These drivers hold only to the highest of insurance policies. We make sure all your needs are met during the transport process.

If you need an expedited transport, let us know. We can get your vehicle delivered on a timeline that best fits you. Flying in or out? Let us know. We can make sure your vehicle arrives along with you, or after. Guardian Auto Transport prides itself in having excellent reviews online. Don’t believe us? Click and see for yourself!

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By definition, a carrier is “a person or company that undertakes the professional conveyance of goods or people”. Carriers focus on picking up vehicles from point A and taking them over to point B. It would be very difficult for a carrier to deal with the aspect of booking customers while transporting vehicles at the same time. When a carrier is assigned to your vehicle, they become the holder and transporter of your vehicle. These carriers can range from owner-operators to large companies with multiple trucks. We always make sure to keep the customer updated and in the loop of things.

Drivers will call you a day before they are projected to arrive at your pick up location. When the carrier is an hour and a half away, they will call you and let you know that they will be there shortly. Guardian Auto Transport wants you to have a safe and easy transport, even if you don’t book with us. When choosing a broker, make sure you read their reviews. Chances are, majority of reviews are right. If the company has bad reviews, you might want to reconsider your decision. Doing a bit of research can save you time, money, and energy.

PSA: Some brokers will charge you a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Be careful with brokers that give you the lowest price possible. Just because the price is low, doesn’t mean your vehicle is guaranteed to get shipped. Some brokers will try and keep your deposit, even if you’ve decided to go with another broker.


When assigning a driver to your vehicle, we only chose drivers with the highest insurance standards in the industry. Given the fact that expensive cars usually travel enclosed, insurance adjusts accordingly. Open air carries offer up to $100,000 coverage on vehicles in transit. Enclosed trailers on the other hand offer insurance at a minimum of $100,000. You might even want to call your insurance company and let them know your car is being transported. Some insurance companies offer insurance during transit as well. For more information on insurance during transit, click here.

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