Auto Transport: Insurance

Nobody plans for accidents, but it’s important you prepare for the worst and expect the best. It is vital to have auto transport insurance for your vehicle. Handing your vehicle over to someone isn’t always the easiest thing, even if it’s for valet parking. Here at Guardian Auto Transport, we want you to feel confident when handing your keys over to a driver, knowing that your vehicle is in transit with professionals that keep you posted on every situation, good or bad.

Keep reading below to find out exactly how auto transport insurance works in the auto shipping industry.

Keep Your Car Clean

Before your car begins its journey in transit, make sure it is clean on both the inside and outside. It may come as a surprise to you that having a tidy interior on your vehicle is very important during transit. Most car shipping companies do not offer coverage for any damages done to the interior of your car during transit. Having a clean cabin and backseat space can save you from a lot of hassle. Make sure any expensive valuables are removed from your car, as well as any loose objects. Store electronics, tools, or any items that may damage the interior of your car during transport in the trunk. The chances of theft inside your vehicle decrease when there is nothing to steal.

Insurance During Auto Transport

If any damage is done to a vehicle during transportation, the auto transport company should cover the cost of restoring the car to its previous condition. However, the terms and amount of coverage provided vary between companies. The auto transport industry requires, under law, that all carriers have liability insurance. Before booking with any auto transport companies, make sure you have read through their insurance policies. Some companies have a waiver in their contract that states they are not responsible for any damages done to your vehicle during transportation.

Tip: We highly recommend you thoroughly read through any auto shipping companies insurance policies before booking any transportation orders.

Proof of Insurance

Upon request, auto shipping companies legally must show you their valid insurance certificates. In some situations, the coverage offered by some auto transportation companies may not fulfill the value of your car. With that said, taking precautions by reviewing your auto shipping companies transportation insurance policy is a must.

Keep Your Insurance Company Updated

It’s a good idea to contact your insurance company and let them know that you are shipping your vehicle. Some auto insurance policies offer coverage for vehicles in transit. In the case that your vehicle is damaged during transit, it never hurts to have options on insurance payouts.

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