Auto Transport: Alaska

Fun fact: Alaska has 663,268 square miles of land. With all this land, you’ll need a reliable vehicle to get you around. Better yet, you’ll need a reliable auto transport service to get your vehicle to Alaska. Guardian Auto Transport wants to help ship your vehicle. Keep reading for more information regarding auto transport to Alaska.


When do you plan on shipping your vehicle to Alaska? Depending on the season, shipping your vehicle to Alaska might cost more or less than it usually would. For example, shipping your vehicle during summer might cost more than it would during the winter. This is because the cost of fuel usually goes up in price during summer. How soon do you need your vehicle shipped? If the answer is ASAP, your transport might be a bit more costly. This is because a carrier will most likely have to go out of their way to pick up your vehicle on such short notice.

Advice: The best time to book auto transport for your vehicle would be two weeks prior to your first available date for pick up.

Pick Up Location

A big factor that will definitely influence the price of your auto transport is location. Since Alaska is not connected to the rest of the United States, your vehicle will get picked up from your doorstep and dropped off at a port. Some ports in Alaska to ship to include Anchorage, Cordova, Dutch Harbor, Fairbanks, Haines, Kake, Sitka, Thorne Bay, and many others. Depending on the location of your pick-up, it might be cost-effective to ship your vehicle to a port that is closest to you. If you are looking to minimize costs, you might even want to try driving your vehicle to one of the closest ports near you. While it might save you money, driving your vehicle to a port will not save you time.

Want to learn more about all the different ports in Alaska? Click here.


Whether you’re shipping a Hyundai Tucson or a Lexus RX 350, the price for your vehicle won’t change much. The only factor that determines whether you’ll pay more or less to ship your vehicle is weight. The heavier the vehicle, the more it’ll cost to ship. We usually recommend enclosed trailers for vehicles worth $75,000 and up. Insurance policies on an open-air trailer might not meet your vehicle’s needs. Enclosed trailers offer insurance starting at $250,000+. Although it might cost more to ship with an enclosed trailer, you’ll have peace of mind that your vehicle is getting delivered with the utmost safety.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed carriers tend to be about double the price of open carriers. These trailers have solid walls, possibly even lined with foam to keep your car safe during transport. Unlike open-air trailers, enclosed trailers load cars onto the trailer instead of driving the vehicle onboard. We usually recommend enclosed transportation for cars with a value of $75,000 and higher.


Whether you’re moving to Alaska or just visiting, you’ll most likely want your vehicle with you. Guardian Auto Transport wants to help ship your vehicle to Alaska. We’ll make sure you’re in great hands during the entire shipping process.

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