Advice For Shipping Your Car To California

Moving from one state to another is nonetheless difficult. Shipping your vehicle, on the other hand, can be nerve racking. Fortunately, with some proper planning and help from Guardian Auto Transport, the process becomes effortless. Here are some questions to think about before shipping your car to California. 

  • How far of a distance are you shipping?
  • Do you prefer price over quality?
  • How much does your car weigh?
  • What is the make, model, and year of your vehicle?
  • What kinds of weather affect the exterior of the car?

Research Research Research

When shipping your car to California, you’ve got to do the research. It is very crucial that you find a reliable auto transport company that ensures customer satisfaction. Most auto shipping companies will tell you that they offer the best of the best service, but it is important to read reviews and ratings, as well as any comments made by previous customers. Once you find an auto transportation company you like, compare prices and quotes from other companies to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Smart Planning

Before booking any auto transport service, make sure you know when you’ll be arriving at your destination. Small but important logistics such as time and place can easily be overlooked when moving. Booking with a transport company located hours away from you can become an inconvenience. With that in mind, make sure you know when you’ll be at your destination. It’s a lot easier to prevent problems instead of having to deal with them as they occur.

Best Way To Prepare Personal Items For Transportation

With Guardian Auto Transport, your vehicle is insured. Unfortunately, personal items inside your vehicle are not insured. Make sure you remove any expensive or personal items from your vehicle before it gets shipped off. You are allowed up to 100 LBS of cargo during transport, preferably stored in the trunk of your vehicle. If you are unable to store personal items in the trunk, make sure they are secured and stored behind the passenger’s seat, below window level, with nothing behind the driver’s seat. We recommend keeping your gas tank 1/4th full to help reduce shipping weight.

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