Advice: Buying A Car At Auction

Typically, cars bought from auctions end up being cheaper than they would cost from a dealership. Still, you may have just dropped a fortune on your new car. The last thing you want is a transport company that doesn’t know what they’re doing. That’s why Guardian Auto Transport is here for you, whether it be a brand new vehicle or a classic car, we’ll put your new whip in great hands.


When at an auction, review the list of the vehicles being shown, there can be hundreds of vehicles to choose from. Narrow down the list to vehicles that fit your budget and taste. When determining a budget, including the price of open or enclosed transport, whichever best fits you.

Take Notes On Vehicles You Like

Finding the right car at an auction may be difficult, but not impossible. Once you find the vehicles that fit into your budget, make sure that those vehicles pass an inspection checklist. Check for worn tires, fluid leaks, damage to the interior or exterior, and even the rpm’s set on launch control (the higher the rpm’s, the faster the car was most likely driven).

Read Purchase Guidelines & Terms

When purchasing a vehicle at an auction, a deposit is required for the vehicle of you choose. Find out the price of the deposit, as well as if the deposit is only cash or not. Research what the full payment may be on the winning bid. Remember, the more you know about an auction, the better off you are.

Don’t Jump The Gun

You may have heard the express “jumping the gun” before. This expression means be patient, don’t rush your bids. Chances are, there are plenty of cars worth your time and money at the auction. Unless you “fall in love at first sight”, don’t jump at the bid of just any car. Most of the time, the auction will start will cars that have a higher initial price and generally end with the cheapest of cars.

Sometimes You Have To Walk Away

It may not come as a surprise that the easiest thing to do is simply walk away, but that’s not always the case. People get caught up emotionally with the excitement of the auction and fall in love with a vehicle that you just have to have. Remember, auctions are held regularly. Finding the perfect car may take some time, don’t jump the gun. 

Research Some Auto Transport Companies  

Congrats! You just purchased a new car. Now, how’s your new ride getting home? Good question. Guardian Auto Transport can take care of that. We pick up the vehicle from the auction and deliver it directly to your door. Without insurance, driving a car back and forth may be risky. With Guardian Auto, your brand new baby is in great hands, with great insurance too. 

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