Looking to ship your car to Florida but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re halfway there. Here at Guardian Auto Transport, our priority is you. We want to make sure your vehicle is prepared and ready to take on the roads of your new destination. When shipping your vehicle to Florida, there are a number of logistics you should be aware of. Here are some important tips you need to know when shipping your vehicle to Florida.

Intense Sun In Florida

If you’ve ever been to Florida, you know the sun can be your friend or foe. Some vehicles have a particular coat of paint that make the car highly susceptible to sun damage. Make sure you’re aware of your vehicle’s is sensitivity to intense amounts of sun. If your vehicle is highly sensitive to sun, we recommend you ship with an enclosed trailer to minimize any weathering damages. If your vehicle has black leather seats, make sure you purchase a windshield sun protector to avoid extreme temperatures on the interior of your vehicle.  

Research Before Auto Transport

When shipping your vehicle, it is important that you choose a auto shipping company that best fits your needs. Some auto shipping companies, like Guardian Auto, offer guaranteed pick up and delivery dates. This is especially important when you’ve already booked airline tickets. Make sure that you plan your pick up and delivery dates according to when you’re departing and when you’ll be arriving. If you don’t plan well, your shipping company could have to take care of your car for longer than expected, or you could even be without a car for a few days if you arrive before your carrier.

Prepare Your Vehicle For Shipping

The preparation of your vehicle before it goes into transit is very important. Having a clean exterior and interior can save you from headaches and heartbreaks in the future. Make sure that there are no loose items or car parts inside your vehicle before transit. Having a clean exterior before your vehicle is picked up for transit is crucial. When the driver does a 22 point inspect on your vehicle, he marks down any pre-existing damages or discrepancies. You and the driver won’t be able to tell if any damages on your vehicle were made during transportation if your vehicle is covered in dirt before transit. 

Tire Tread-wear

Although you should always check the condition of your tires’ tread, it is especially important to make sure they are at an acceptable depth for the warm weather your vehicle is about to be shipped to. The minimum acceptable depth for tire treadwear is 3/32 inches. This is about the distance from the edge of a penny to the top of Abe’s head. But, when moving to a hot state like Florida, you don’t want just the minimum. Due to the hotter temperatures that the road’s reach in hotter states, the tread on your tires will wear out much quicker than they would if you lived somewhere in the Midwest. So, when preparing to ship your car to a hotter state, double check that the thread is in good condition.

Tire Pressure On Your Car

The pressure in your tires are important to keep an eye on when living in a hot state like Florida. Tire pressure rises as the outside air temperature rises. For every 10 degrees Fahrenheit that rises in air temperature, a pound of air pressure will be added to your vehicle’s tires. So when shipping your car from a cold region to a warmer region, make sure you adjust your tires accordingly before transportation. If you want to read more about tire pressure in hot temperatures before you ship your car, click here.